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Ukraine: World Cup Wishful Thinking

“We've got three victories! and there are three more left… Go, Ukraine!” – by LJ user lokizzz A popular joke about Ukraine's spectacular – and totally unforeseen – World Cup performance and the resulting financial disaster seemed funny just a few hours ago. Then Italy defeated Ukraine in the quarter-finals...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Photoblogging Sarajevo

  21 June 2006

A restored building in Sarajevo – by Seesaw/Quod/Zdenka Seesaw (aka Quod, aka Zdenka) has been blogging about the Balkans for a year and a half at Balkan-Scissors. Here's how she came to photography: Born in Sarajevo, spent the war in Sarajevo, live in Sarajevo. Now retired. Bought Canon A75 in...

Myanmar: Lost Planet

  12 June 2006

Myanmar blogger at Man Actually takes shares pictures of some attractions and ethnic groups in Myanmar. He says “We can't beat Bangkok for party lovers but we can offer alternative dance parties like in the photos. I am sure they will like the drum beats with our unique rice &...

DRC Roundup: Elections, Mining Corruption, Peacekeepers & More

  9 June 2006

With July 30th elections fast approaching, the blogosphere's attention remains fixed on the Democratic Republic of the Congo's uncertain political future. Congolese opposition bloggers continue their criticism of the elections and of a political transition process they see as unfair, while Western bloggers and expatriates in the Congo write about...

Malaysia: Visiting a Market

  8 June 2006

Hanny has posted pictures from a street market from the North Malaysian state of Kelantan. The market is mostly run by women entrepreneurs which is interesting as Kelantan is often considered as one of the more traditional places in Malaysia. Hanny says “The women there are famous for wearing a...

Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

  2 June 2006

“The Trafalgar Falls are one of Dominica's main tourist attractions, especially for cruise ship visitors, who were there in abundance the day we went. Still we managed to find a secluded hot pool and then an even more secluded cold pool to soak in for a little while.” writes Barbadian...

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