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Images from Argentina: Perito Moreno Glacier

  31 March 2006

“Glacier Perito Moreno with Mountain, Argentina” by Tyuzo. Argentina's Perito Moreno Glacier has been in the international news lately as it takes stage during the unfolding drama that is global warming. Ironically, Perito Moreno is one of only three Patagonian glaciers not retreating due to warming temperatures. In fact, its...

Images from Venezuela: From Bolívar Avenue

  21 March 2006

“Desde la Av. Bolívar” by Guillermo Amador Bograd The main bridge of the Caracas La Guaïra highway wasn't the only thing to fall down on Sunday. More than 1,500 Venezuelans dropped their drawers for American photographer Spencer Tunick who has been capturing large groups of naked volunteers in major cities...

The Caribbean blogosphere does Phagwah

  20 March 2006

A chowtal group performs at the Phagwah celebrations in Trinidad. By Nicholas Laughlin In the Caribbean, the Hindu spring festival of Holi is more commonly known by its Bhojpuri name of Phagwah. This past week, Hindus in the Caribbean celebrated Phagwah, with non-Hindus like Caribbean Free Radio also taking part...

Images from Brazil: “Don't Shoot”

  14 March 2006

“Don't Shoot” by Tatiana Cardeal Brazilian photographer and social activist, Tatiana Cardeal has posted a set of photographs related to the youth outreach program, Afroreggae. In this picture, Cardeal explains: Here is Afroreggae group playing at the meeting, inside the headquarters of the military police of Rio de Janeiro, where...

Images from Chile: The Miner

  3 March 2006

This photograph, taken by Guillermo Olivares of his father Daniel, was posted with the following caption in Spanish: This is my dad, today on October 20th, he turns 56-years-old. He has been a miner his entire life and here he is in one of the tunnels of the largest copper...

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