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Welcome to the Kurdish Blogosphere-Revisited

  21 September 2005

Welcome to our second installment of the introduction to the Kurdish Blogosphere; where we will discuss the various types of blogs. Cultural Kurdish culture isn't easy to define as it varies from region to region, but it can be said that the heart of Kurdish Culture lies within the land...

Nigerian Suya!

  20 September 2005

A mala is seen here seated in front of his Suya Stand Suya (pronounced Su-hu-ya) That's the name of a piece of meat roasted on an open heat basin, with Oil, onions and salt. Suya is a popular food among the rich and the Nigerian middle class. Suya is usually...

Images from Brazil: Senators accused of being “Liars”

  11 September 2005

“On my mind …” by D.R. Lynch The graffiti on the wall, found in Buenos Aires, but equally applicable to current day Brazil, reads “Senators, Thieves!” In the caption, D.R. Lynch, from São Paulo, Brazil says: What can I say about Brazilian politics lately? At first, a lot of us...

Brazil's Famous Flickr Photographer

  8 September 2005

The content of Tatiana Cardeal‘s photography is firmly rooted in her native country of Brazil, but her intimate lens and universal themes have generated a wide following of Flickr fans from all over the globe. Last week I emailed Tatiana with questions concerning her photography, her country, her life, and...

Rwanda: A child's-eye view

  8 September 2005

George Connard writes about a stunning photo project in Rwanda in which 35mm disposable cameras were given to children. The result is called “Through the Eyes of Children”.

Ghana Anti-Poverty Event: “Africa Stands Tall”

  8 September 2005

Over 300,000 people packed into Ghana’s Independence Square in Accra on Saturday 3 September 2005 for the marathon 15 hour Africa Standing Tall Against Poverty Concert featuring Africa’s leading musicians, leading civil society personalities and anti poverty campaigners. More photos over at Black Looks.

Images from Chile: Letter to the Government

  5 September 2005

“Primera Carta al Gobierno sobre ‘Mi Primer PC'” by Leo Prieto As we have previously written about, a group of Chilean bloggers is challenging their government to improve a program which hopes to make both computers and Internet access more affordable for the general population. The caption reads: On a...

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