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Pakistan: Musharraf has Left the Building

  19 August 2008

Eight years, three hundred and five days ago a peaceful coup masterminded by a Pakistani Army General overtook the reigns of power from the then ruling corrupt leader Nawaz Sharif. It was then the promise of a new tomorrow; it was then a romantic walk towards the faint vision labeled...

Call for video journalists for You Tube Contest

  19 August 2008

You Tube's Citizen News channel has released a video promo for an upcoming citizen journalism contest. They will be receiving videos of less than 3 minutes in length, in English, of a video profile about someone in your community you believe should be known by the rest of the world. The prizes and other information will be released in September.

Japan: To Japanese women, WaiWai was sexual harassment

  18 August 2008

Since it exploded on the Japanese Internet less than two months ago, the scandal at Mainichi surrounding the newspaper's former English-language column “WaiWai” has taken on epic proportions. While much has been written about the scandal and its deeper implications, the duration and intensity of attacks on one of Japan's largest national newspapers has surprised almost everybody.

Turkey: Bloggers Banning Themselves?

If you are a long-time follower of the Turkish blogosphere you will have undoubtedly heard about the Turkish ban on Wordpress....and the periodic bans on YouTube, and on the social-networking widget site Slide, oh..and now on Dailymotion as well. I think that is all? Isn't it? It is hard to keep track now-a-days and frustrating. Turkish bloggers feel the same way too, and are protesting the constant banning of sites by voluntarily banning their own.

Caribbean: Lightning Bolt Strikes Beijing

  17 August 2008

This post is going to be as long as Jamaican Usain Bolt's sprint to 100m-dash Olympic glory was short and ever-so sweet - because Caribbean bloggers still have not come down from the high that Bolt's amazing win has created.

Peru: Amazonian Indigenous Groups Protest New Governmental Decrees

  15 August 2008

The Aguaruna indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon is protesting several governmental decrees that some say would make it easier for the government and oil companies to have access to their lands. By occupying a petroleum station, this group has attracted the support of other indigenous groups in the region and they draw attention to the effects caused by the oil companies.

China: Citizen reporter Zuola carted off

  14 August 2008

Less than an hour ago, prominent Chinese citizen blogger was visited at home by authorities and driven off. Fortunately, he had Twitter on hand and was able to get the word out as he was being detained.

Maldives: Non-Muslims to be Barred from Citizenship?

  14 August 2008

On 7 August, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the President of the Maldives, and Asia's longest serving ruler, ratified the amended constitution of the country. It culminated a process of constitutional amendment that lasted four years. One controversial amendment would prevent non-Muslims from becoming citizens of the Maldives, curtailing freedom of religion in the country.

Saudi Arabia: Slavery in the Gulf

Two weeks ago there were strikes and violent demonstrations by Bangladeshi workers in Kuwait, protesting low pay and poor working conditions. Following the demonstrations, more than two hundred workers were deported. In this post, two Saudi bloggers tell us what they think of modern-day ‘slavery’ in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf.

Georgia, Russia: Tbilisi Reports

  12 August 2008

Three bloggers who are currently in Tbilisi describe what life there has been like in the past few days. According to LJ user oleg_panfilov, everything is quiet in the Georgian capital this night, while tomorrow "there'll be plenty of politics," because presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine are expected to descend on the city.

Arabeyes: Female, single, and away from home?

For many single Arab women, to live and work or study away from their family is not a choice made easily, because of fear of 'what people will say'. A number of bloggers from around the Arab world have voiced their frustration recently at the obstacles single women face.

Georgia, Russia: Blogger From Poti Recounts the Bombing

  10 August 2008

Here is LJ user pepsikolka's account of what it felt like when the Russian planes were bombing Poti, her native city: "[...] Around midnight I heard some roaring, ran up to the window and saw shaft of fire, explosions at the port and heard a deafening noise. I didn't even have the time to get scared, I just knew that if a cistern with oil at the terminal gets hit, there'll be fire and an explosion, so I grabbed the phone, called Tengo, Vika answered, screaming [...]"

Georgia, Russia: More Reports On the Conflict From Russophone Bloggers

  10 August 2008

Blogging from the Georgian port city of Poti, which was bombed by Russian fighter jets shortly after midnight Saturday, LJ user pepsikolka wrote: "It was quiet during the night, but no one went to bed. There's no TV, we're reading the news from our phones. Scary. My friend, a colleague, has been wounded, and there are the dead ones [...]. I've no reason to lie, and those commenters who have doubts just don't know anything about me, I am Russian myself, and that's why I'm writing about facts here, so that you knew, we are alive, but scared. I want peace and this is all." More reports and views in the translation below.

South Ossetia: Georgia, Russia and the U.S. Presidential Election

  10 August 2008

With the massive deployment of Russian forces in Georgia, the small South Caucasus country's conflict with Moscow over the breakaway region of South Ossetia has obvious political ramifications thousands of miles away in the United States where presidential elections will be held on 4 November. With some alleging that the crisis reflects a struggle between the West and Russia, where the U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the matter is fast becoming a significant campaign issue.

Georgia: South Ossetia Update

  8 August 2008

With local and international media outlets reporting that fighting is spilling over into Georgia proper, the latest military confrontation with Russia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia looks increasingly like war. Bloggers from the region say signs are ominous.