· October, 2006

Stories about Youth from October, 2006

Indonesia: Rock Star with a Message

  11 October 2006

Indoneisa matters links to a Washington Post story on a Indonesian rock star. Ahmad Dhani, frontman of the group Dewa is trying to keep Indonesian youth away from the influence of radical Islam.

China: school murder case

  11 October 2006

Liao Zusheng's son was beaten to death at school in Fushan. Liao opened a blog in sina claiming that his son was murdered by teachers and staffs because of his criticism on the school fee and administration in the newspapers. He pleads the central government to intervene. One man bandwith...

Cambodia at a glance

  10 October 2006

Spurred by the fact that weblog stimulates open discussion among people who have common interest, Cambodians take their concerned issues online to share with the world who are listening to them. Is weblog community an open space for debate? In what way can this new tool enhance the way citizens...

Russia: Violence Filmed by Perpetrators

  9 October 2006

English Russia re-posts a video from a Russian Nazi site – their “most non violent video”: “We at englishrussia.com are against violence, so we would not put such violent videos here. This is just a light version in order to give the readers an example of what’s going on in...

Iraq: Iraqi Kurdistan Book Drive

Pearls of Iraq announces the details of an English language children's book drive for the Kurdish children in Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. This book drive is sponsered in part by Kurdistan Save the Children and the University of Sulaimaniya.

China: celebrating national day

  8 October 2006

Absurd fool at interlocals.net reports about the politics of consumption during the national day holiday; Joel Martinsen in DANWEI translates a blog post on “National day in the age of angry youth”.

Indonesia: International Potluck

  7 October 2006

Students from South-East and rest of Asia are increasing going to China to learn Mandarin. Christina, an Indonesian student in Fuzhou, Southern China throws a potluck party to welcome her new classmates from all over Asia and beyond.

India: Children and their Mothers

  6 October 2006

The Mad Momma writes a wonderful post on coping with her own actions and loving her child. “I slapped my son an hour ago. Not once. But six times in a white hot rage. This after being brought up by parents who even 25 years ago knew that you don't...

Ukraine: Help Sought to Save an Ailing Teen

  6 October 2006

Petro Rondiak and his wife Ola are looking for ways to save a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl diagnosed with leukemia: “It is clear that Tania will not get the required treatment in Ukraine. Ola and I are looking for a western hospital (USA? Germany?) to provide pro bono medical care for...

Serbia: Debate on Media Depiction of Kosovo Children

  5 October 2006

B92 news have reported on the journalist association's reaction to the alleged mistreatment of children from Kosovo and Metohia (in further text K&M) during a talk show on national TV. Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) claims that the so-called public service TV tried to manipulate citizens in a...

Kenya: defending youth linguistic creativity

  5 October 2006

Defending the use of Sheng among the youth in Kenya, Greamhouze notes, “Through Sheng we accurately express our thoughts and ideas.The conception that the youth must speak in English or pure Swahili to get anywhere is colonial/political old guard inherent aptitude. Its true Kenyan youths do not read and if...

Senegal: Illegal Immigration

  2 October 2006

On illegal African immigration Senegal Diaw (Fr) writes that “the reasons that push young, able men to risk death to come to Europe…are many and complex, and are not necessarily linked to [Senegal's] poverty,” but are rather a product of a country that is not advancing fast enough, whose youth...

India: Child Prodigy

  2 October 2006

A reader's words on a child prodigy of the 1930s. “Among the early popularizers of music in India was Master Madan, a child prodigy who died at the age of 15 in 1942. Few of his recordings survive, though he was a precocious and prolific performer.”

China: Blogger-poets

  1 October 2006

In Qian Zhongshu‘s (钱钟书) 1947 novel Fortress Besieged (围城), one of the greatest works of twentieth-century Chinese literature, protagonist Fang Hung-chien attempts to build a career with a fake degree from an imaginary American university. As seen in a post yesterday [zh] from Bullog blogger Fang Zhouzi, life does still...