· February, 2012

Stories about Youth from February, 2012

Lebanon: Bloggers Get Together

  14 February 2012

The first Get Together for Lebanese bloggers organized by LebAgg took place on February 9, 2012. “It was a pretty casual one, the sole purpose was to kick-start a series of more get togethers for bloggers. We were hoping for some brainstorming and bloggers suggesting ideas, but the settings didn't really help whereas there...

Uzbekistan: Security Service Threatens Jizzakh Youth Activists

  12 February 2012

Nathan Hamm reports that two young natives of Uzbekistan residing in the United States and working as officers at Awareness Projects International (a non-profit engaging in human rights education work in Uzbekistan and elsewhere) were summoned to the police for interrogation, when they returned to their hometown of Jizzakh in...

Trinidad & Tobago: Children's Rights

  7 February 2012

West Indian Mother thinks that “it's high time we start acting in defense of our children and treat them with the respect that is the right of every human being. ”

Cuba: Young Activist

  7 February 2012

Pedazos de la Isla blogs about a sixteen-year-old dissident who “calls on ‘all Cuban students’ to join the resistance to end with the Castro dictatorship.”

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Caring Diaspora

  3 February 2012

“Sometimes I have scant respect for Vincentians in the diaspora. They appear to be extremely critical of everything Vincentian, know what's best for us but provide little beyond chatter”: Abeni has found a notable exception to the rule.

Trinidad & Tobago: Principal Charged with Child Cruelty

  3 February 2012

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog reports that the school principal accused of “placing the head of two students in a toilet bowl at her school and flushing it” has been charged; Plain Talk comments on “the depravity required” to commit such an act: “Flush it to make a point, to...