· June, 2010

Stories about Youth from June, 2010

Japan: Two years since Akihabara knife rampage

  12 June 2010

Last week marked the second anniversary of the Akihabara knife rampage. Akibasuki [ja] went to pay his respects and photoblogged his visit. The scars of the rampage are still raw in the area: the ban on the vehicle-free zone (hokoten or walker's paradise), which Akihabara was famous for, still hasn't...

Puerto Rico: Decisive Moment 50 Days into the Student Strike

  11 June 2010

Students of the state-run University of Puerto Rico (UPR) have sustained a student strike that enters its 50th day today. On this decisive day, the students' National Negotiating Committee has another round of negotiations with the UPR's administration. Students have transmitted their second message to the country via the website UPR es un País [ES] in which they explain their proposals...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Price of “Progress”

  11 June 2010

Abeni notices the proliferation of fast food franchises in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: “As our nation gorges itself on fast food and channel surf to our leisure we get fatter and fatter placing more burden on the shaky health system.”

Mexico: One Year Since the Tragedy at Guardería ABC

  7 June 2010

A year has passed since the tragedy at Guardería ABC, a daycare center in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora that was consumed by a fire, taking the lives of 49 children and leaving more than 70 with permanent conditions. Citizens mourn the loss and critize the lack of response from the government.

Azerbaijan: Baku concerned with social media

With progressive, alternative voices finding a new outlet via new and social media in Azerbaijan, and the first case of imprisoning blogging activists in the region occurring there last year, news reports now warn that possible new legislation might yet seek to silence others. On a related note, In Mutatione...

Mozambique: Photos from a Literacy Project

  7 June 2010

Blog Encounters presents a collection of photos from portuguese artist Margarida Botelho, featuring a literacy project she implemented in Mozambique based on the idea that “If we can learn how to convey our life story in a book with words and illustrations perhaps we can further our awareness of whom...

China: University entrance examinations begin

  7 June 2010

National day of performance anxiety as high school graduates from across the country sat down today to take China's infamous higher education entrance exam. Sina blogs is featuring photos of rain in Hubei, giant Silence signs in Yunnan, and scores of anxious parents in Beijing.

Malaysia: Student politics

  7 June 2010

ARTiculations from Malaysia is disappointed that student leaders are not protesting the law which prohibits students from supporting political parties.

Trinidad & Tobago: About those Laptops…

  4 June 2010

The recently elected government of Trinidad and Tobago has promised free laptops for children about to enter secondary school; KnowTnT.com has a better idea: “Schools. Infrastructure that supports broadband internet access – not just in urbanized areas but throughout the nation. Subsidize it.”

Bulgaria: Bankya Sanatorium Appeal

Maya Markova of Maya's Corner reports that “[a therapy facility] for children with cerebral palsy in the town of Bankya near Sofia is being closed down,” translates a letter written by Daniela Peneva, whose son has cerebral palsy, and asks readers to sign a petition (BUL) – or “do whatever...

Macedonia: NGO Figts Autism Stigma

Vlado Trajkovski, president of the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism, confessed on his blog that even though the NGO has conducted a successful workshop for autistic children [MKD], in which they created paintings to be sold at a charity auction, only 8 out of 60 invited families responded. According to...