· April, 2008

Stories about Youth from April, 2008

Estonia: Dozor Night Game

  23 April 2008

AnTyx writes about playing the Dozor Night Game in Estonia, which “[grew] out of games that have been played for centuries; and certainly after the fall of the Soviet Union every young boy (and a surprising share of girls) all over its former territory went crawling around crumbling industrial parks....

Bulgaria: “Options for the Disabled”

  22 April 2008

Maya Markova of Maya's Corner writes asks for help in finding a suitable institution for one disabled young woman – and describes the overall situation in Bulgaria: “After the BBC exposed the shocking conditions in Bulgarian institutions for abandoned disabled children and our European partners began to exercise much needed...

China: American Teacher Attacked

  22 April 2008

Love Hunan posted at Zhuzhouwang about an American teacher being beaten up by secondary school students[zh] outside Carrefour in Hunan Zhuzhou district in April 20. Shanghaiist has an update.

Brazil, USA: Sex, Crime and the Vatican

  18 April 2008

Antônio Mello, from blogdomello[Pt], blogs about “Sex, Crime and the Vatican” — a BBC documentary (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)[En, subtitles in Pt] about children sexual abuse by catholic priests and the shelter provided by the Vatican to the accused ecclesiastics — and a Vatican internal document named Crimen...

Venezuela: The Simpsons Not Welcome Anymore

  18 April 2008

One of the world's most popular television programs in any language, The Simpsons, was recently deemed inappropriate by the Venezuelan government for being a a bad influence on children, and ordered it off the air. Even though it has been on the air since 1989 and on a daily basis in re-runs, Venezuelan bloggers think that there are worse influences on children, and what makes it worse is that the show was replaced by Baywatch.

Bahamas: Collective Responsibility

  15 April 2008

“We have real problems in the Bahamas. For us to play like we don’t see our own flesh and blood out there hurting is just turning a blind eye to what is happening and we shall all experience the results later on”: Craig Butler believes that Bahamians must take responsibility...

Bahamas: For Shame?

  14 April 2008

“Have we in the Bahamas become so insensitive and so lacking in shame that there is not a public outcry about this prescription for socio-economic disaster?” Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com blogs about teenage pregnancy.

Iran:Videobloggers in action

According to Iran Inside Out,a project of Rising Voices,veteran Iranian videobloggers will partner with the Tehran-based Young Cinema Society to identify aspiring young filmmakers and teach them the skills to both produce short videos.

El Salvador: Blogging for Justice in a Little Girl's Murder

  12 April 2008

Katya Miranda was young girl who was murdered in 1999 in El Salvador, in a crime of shocking depravity. All the charges against the suspects, who have ties with the military and police, were subsequently dismissed in legal proceedings widely criticized by human rights organizations. With the ninth anniversary of Katya's murder, Salvadoran bloggers are raising a call for justice to be done in this case.

Jamaica: Teenaged Sex

  11 April 2008

Blogging at Yardflex.com, Rootzgirl says: “Teenage sex is rampant, as is the increasing number of teenaged pregnancies…something needs to be done…before there is no hope for this generation.”