· October, 2006

Stories about Youth from October, 2006

Africa: Madonna adoption debate

  22 October 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman has a Madonna opinion,”And wouldn’t you be disappointed if I didn’t? As you can probably imagine, the whole set-up is ridiculous and absurd as per maoni yangu. The boy has a father. He may not be a celebrity, a star or white, but he...

Myanmar: Floods and Life

  21 October 2006

Myanmar blogger Moe Moe links to photos of the recent flooding in Myanmar on another Myanmar blog. The pictures reminds her of her younger days in Myanmar. “I really liked the picture of the kids having fun in the flood. LOL. It's kind of like, these kids finding reasons to...

Video exposes child-soldier's identity

  20 October 2006

If you've seen the guidelines for this site, you'll know that there are types of footage that we wouldn't post, and circumstances surrounding the shooting of particular videos that mean we wouldn't even link to them. Today's post is about one of those videos. I was researching a possible post...

Sri Lanka: Let's talk about Sex

  19 October 2006

ravana.wordpress.com on why no one talks of sex in Sri Lanka. “We never get taught sex education in school. Even though there was a chapter on the sexual reproduction system in my GCE ordinary Level Science textbook in school, this topic was successfully ignored by the teacher. I just thought...

Malawi: Madonna, Malawi, and Baby David

  19 October 2006

Reacting to Madonna's adoption of a Malawian baby, Afrika-Aphukira writes: “For Mr. Yohane Banda, who had never heard of the pop diva Madonna until she visited Malawi last week to adopt his 13 month-old son David, the closest he could relate with the material girl was the word Dona, meaning...

Russia: Grozny War Diaries, 1994-95

  18 October 2006

“Every wall, every gate, every street has their signs of war in Grozny.” Like hundreds of other members of the Virtual Grozny Russian-language forum, Natasha Raslambekova lived in Chechnya's capital until the war forced her to flee in the spring of 1995. This past September, nearly 12 years after the...

Guyane: School Hitting Controversy

  17 October 2006

Blada.com is unhappy (Fr) with the Mayor of Cayenne's response to the recent hitting of a child by a school aide. (The mayor issued a decree asking school aides –called ATSEM– not to stay alone with children.) The site believes that that response is against the law and a copout...

Guadeloupe, Trinidad: Young Rotarian Conference

  16 October 2006

Guadeloupe Attitude writes (Fr): “Patrick Verdol, Livio Lison and Bella Mado are the 3 Guadeloupeans chosen by the seven Guadeloupean Rotary Clubs to participate in the 2006 RYLA of District 7030 … Chosen by the clubs and districts for their potential leadership, youth aged 14 to 30, attend all expenses...

Bangladesh: Children in the country

  16 October 2006

Black and Gray has a grim post on the sad reality of children in Bangladesh. “This is a story of sheer exploitation and utter indifference; a story where mothers are forced to sell their newborns for the price of a two-litre mineral water bottle; a story where children start working...

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  16 October 2006

Local Dancers in Poland's Lake District (Mazury) prepare for Sieja (kind of fish) Fish Festival – by Embe, WarsawDaily Perhaps a Christmas footballing miracle has come early, as Kinuk reports on Poland's victory over the 4th-ranked Portugal last week: Their victory surprised myself, N and my brother, P, who was...

Serbia: Big Brother Mania

  12 October 2006

Serbian bloggers explore the Big Brother mania by talking about the basic idea behind the puzzlingly super-successful world-wide TV project. Most of them are stunned by the extent of the show's popularity, acquired in such a short period since its kick-off in the country. One of the communal house residents...

India: Child Labour

  12 October 2006

With new rules on Child Labour and the controversy surrounding around allegations of a major retail store sourcing clothes from a manufacturing unit with child labour – Atanu Dey has some opinions.

Hong Kong: excess education

  11 October 2006

BWG blogs a survey about how parents in Hong Kong react when they got frustrated with their kids’ studies: Get out! go away! I don't want to see you anymore.

China: little fatty net

  11 October 2006

Lyn Jeffery in Virtual China introduces a new website called “little fatty net”. It is a new generation youth website.

China: Youth, too much free time

  11 October 2006

Obscurity is here to stay for the residents of a distant northern Chinese town, it seems, judging from a post this week from Chongqing-based blogger-journalist Ran Yunfei. 中国的县之多,从未听说过某一县,当然不足为奇。比如山西的方山县,我就从未听说过。但最近这个县的县委书记张国彪来了个铁腕政策,打着为保护未成年学生的幌子,关掉该县县城所有网吧,干涉商人经商之自由,以及人们了解信息之自由。还被许多人赞美,这真是滑天下之大稽。 There are many counties in China. To have never heard of a certain country is of course nothing strange. Shanxi‘s Fangshan county,...


  11 October 2006

I choose to begin this week's article with a disclaimer which is spawned in response to comments I received on last week's edition of Kurdistance: the contents of my articles are not of my own opinion, but rather the opinions of the bloggers that I cover. I try to remain...