· August, 2006

Stories about Youth from August, 2006

ArubaGirl: Brain drain

  16 August 2006

ArubaGirl muses on the annual of exodus of students who leave Aruba to further their studies in the Netherlands and elsewhere: “I do wonder, however, how many of ‘Aruba’s future’ graduate? And of those who graduate, how many come back? And what do they come back to?“

Belarus: Prohibition Looming

  16 August 2006

BM of TOL's Belarus Blog is shocked: Belarusians may soon have to drink juice, not beer or vodka, outside; underage drinking may become impossible; stores may be forced to stop selling alcohol after 10 PM. “Regime begins to limit people’s freedom in more and more ways, not only freedom of...

This Week In Palestinian Blogs: Summer Rain

August 11th saw another weekly non-violent protest in Bil’in take a wrong turn as the Israeli army attacked protesters with rubber bullets and sound grenades as they marched toward the Separation Wall. International Solitary Movement reported fourteen people injured including an Israeli activist. Bethlehem Bloggers has a first hand account...

Jamaica: Terrorists or lost boys?

  13 August 2006

Watching the a newscast about the foiled bomb plot and the relative youth of the plotters, Jamaican writer Marlon James asks: “could it be that the one thing we all have in common is that we are screwing up our boys?”

Russia: Portraits of Putin

  11 August 2006

Samson Sholademi – LJ user sholademi, journalist of a Russian tabloid Express Gazeta – displays a unique drawing collection on his blog: portraits of Russia's president Vladimir Putin, made by children (mainly). There is Putin “relaxing at home, reading a book to his doggie Kony” (by Vika Lvova, 9), and...

Myanmar's Week of Terror

  11 August 2006

Moe Moe wants to remind people that this week is an important week in Myanmar's history. Today is August 8th and I wanted to write a post about the injustice that happened to Burmese people on August 8th, 1988 (8-8-88). On that particular day, the Burmese army killed hundreds of...

Pakistan: Drugs

  8 August 2006

How has the changing context in Pakistan contributed to the way drugs are perceived?Metroblogging Lahore on drugs, media and the youth.

Cambodia: Defining Modesty

  7 August 2006

After its absence for a decade, in this new millennium Cambodia sets to organize its first Miss Beauty competition. The nominated contestant will participate in next year’s Miss Universe contest. However, in an effort to preserve Cambodian culture, as suggested by the Ministry of Culture, swimsuit is not allowed, at...

Russia: Child Abuse

  4 August 2006

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog distributes blame for Russia's abused children: “Today Russia is awash in oil and gas money, the nation’s cities are growing again, and the country produces more young billionaires per capita than any other nation in the world. It is a shame that such a depravity...