· March, 2006

Stories about Youth from March, 2006

Belarus: Backlash Against Opposition; Test for Europe

  17 March 2006

br23 blog and Andrei Khrapavitski both report on the continuing repressions against opposition activists in Belarus. One of Andrei's friends got expelled from the university, another got arrested. Andrei also cites an International Herald Tribune opinion piece by Georgia's president Mikhail Saakashvili: Belarus election is going to “be the most...

Belarus: Intimidation Campaign

  17 March 2006

Belarusian KGB chief said going out into the street on Sunday would be qualified as terrorism and those caught would face tough sentences, including capital punishment, reports br23 blog: “[…] My dad called me tonight and said: “Your sister is going out on March, 19. I heard on TV today...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Today's report is dedicated to the women of Iraq. Women have suffered greatly in the new Iraq and on top of everything have to cope with the prejudice of some western journalists too. Again a mixed selection of blogs but you must read to the end for more cute animals!...

Indonesia: Sesame Street

  16 March 2006

Jakartass discusses a US$8.5 million grant to Indonesia to produce a local version of the American children's show Sesame Street.

Ukraine: Playing Run-and-Chase in Pediatrics Dept.

  16 March 2006

A Malaysian medical student posts pictures of spring snow in Simferopol, the capital of Ukraine's warmest region, Crimea. Also, there are pictures from another pediatrics class that evolved into “playing run and chase” with Ukrainian kids: “As usual, Fridays give us a multitude of wonderful feeling and joy as we...

Armenia: Korfball

  13 March 2006

Zarchka of Life Around Me writes about korfball in Armenia and says she is excited that a team from her country will be playing in the first youth world championship in Holland, where the game originated.

Russia: “Preved, omerekancheg!”

  13 March 2006

A Chicago-based LJ user angstzeit encounters a Russian-speaking bear and through a flashmob of Russian commenters learns about the Preved!-mania. John Lurie's original drawing; hundreds of followups at ru_preved LJ community; Preved! CafePress.com stuff; lots of Russian slang and obsceneties; a Cold War between the Preved Bear and the O...

Nigeria: Antiretroviral drug programme

  13 March 2006

Kids Doc in Jos explains some of the issues around antiretroviral (ARV) drug regimes – the need to take every dose as missing one will have a critical effect and how the virus operates. He also reports on the progress of baby Paul who has been on an antiretroviral (ARV)...

Philippines: A New Voice

  8 March 2006

On Feb. 27, in the wake of demonstrations calling for the overthrow Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Filipino blogger Bong Austero wrote a post called an “Open Letter to Our Leaders” in which he expressed his frustration and anger at opposition leaders’ grab for power. “You know why?,” he wrote....

This week in Israel: elections in three weeks? (yawn)

So here we are, three weeks before national elections – and nobody in the Israeli blogosphere has anything to say. This, despite all the upheavals of the past few months: The surprise election of Amir Peretz, the former leader of Histadrut, Israel's largest labour union, as leader of the Labour...

Guyana: Teen bloggers

  7 March 2006

Scott points to a project started by a Guyana-based Peace Corps volunteer that teaches young people how to write using a blog as the teaching tool. The young people's blog is called Guyana Teenagers of Today, and so far they have tackled issues such as the drug trade, sexual assault...

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: After the Last Sky

News of the blogosphere… In sad breaking news from A STAND FOR JUSTICE, an Israeli sniper killed a 15-year-old Palestinian during a raid on West Bank: Amer Bassyouni, 15, was shot in the neck and died from his wounds as Israeli forces searched for militants in the Alamin refugee camp...