· June, 2006

Stories about Women & Gender from June, 2006

DRC: Pregnant 10 Year-Old?

  10 June 2006

Opposition party blog UDPS Liege posts an email signed by a Gabriel Maindo which blames (Fr) President Joseph Kabila for the unfortunate case of a pregnant 10 year-old: “This is Joseph Kabila's scorecard: a 10 year-old girl prostitutes herself in order to eat. The result is in front of you!...

India: Politics of Rape

  9 June 2006

Guptavati writes on the politics of rape. “Rape.Sexual Abuse..These words stir up something very primitive, a fear,a reaction so primordial in me that it defies logic,reasoning and everything else in me that swears by my usually dry rationality.”

China: Desperate football housewives

  9 June 2006

“Everyone has their own way of celebrating or dealing with the inconveniences of the World Cup,” writes Shanghaiist blogger Peijin Chen of pregnant Chinese women who have painted soccer balls on their bellies in ‘Desperate football housewives.’

Hong Kong: Chinese author porn

  9 June 2006

Roland Soong at EastSouthWestNorth translates an essay making waves on a Chinese BBS recently written by a woman calling herself the Franz Kafka of China. In a bid to draw readers to her works, Daiqin (黛秦) provided some illustrations: photos of her naked and in a bra. Readership rocketed.

India: Culture, Myths and Justice

  8 June 2006

Ashok questions why the story of Silappathikaram is considered reflective of Tamil culture or zest for justice, when clearly it is about a woman who tolerates the waywardness of her husband.

Romania: Homophobia and Gay Rights

Cristian of Owlspotting posts a candid reflection on homophobia and gay rights in Romania: “If “Will and Grace” was a Romanian sit-com, Will would either be spending a lot of time in the emergency room, or he would be experimenting with innovative forms of denial.”

India: Eunuchs and mainstream

  6 June 2006

Sachiniti on Eunuchs and the notion of integration. “The picture that comes to mind on hearing the term “Eunuch” is spontaneously one of a garishly dressed, overly madeup, loud gestured err.. person.”

Bangladesh: Have wife, pay tax

  6 June 2006

More comments on the tax imposed on more wives taken in Rajshahi at imperfect world 2006. “It was the women who had to fork out for the privilege of marrying. In one case, the woman, a 38 year old, parted with her entire life’s savings of 50,000 takas.”

Iran: Not Just For Sex!

In Sargashte, a lesbian Iranian, writes that many people think homosexuals only want to satisfy their sexual desires. Blogger adds homosexuals & lesbians like heterosexuals are after a love relationship. She says recently in a magazine she found out about 10to 12 percent of a population can be considered as...

Poland: Politics and Protest

The beatroot writes about the recent Law and Justice Party convention: “…a victory rally. Not much else, really.” He also writes about the upcoming “summer of protest”: “The Tolerance Parade, and the counter demonstration by Polish far-rights groups, have received official permission from Warsaw’s local authorities to go ahead on...

India: Women and the Workforce

  2 June 2006

Being a woman in India on women, labour and the government. The laws governing women in the organized labour force are surprisingly archaic, and are not very adequate to ensure justice at the workplace either.

Iran: Women, Football & Violence

Kamangir says several women were brutally hit and injured when they attempted to enter the stadium to watch Iran-Bosnia football match. The blogger reminds us that this game was the first match after Ahmadinejad’s decision to allow women to watch the games live, something strongly objected by the conservative clerics.

Nigeria: Price of Ignorance

  2 June 2006

Ijeuman's Diary comments on the “price of ignorance” in Nigeria from the ban on homosexuality, to the building of infrastructure which is then either abandoned or vandalised.

Poland: Poles on Fascist Black List

The beatroot comments on the Polish component of an international fascist organization's black list posted online: “Krakow’s students, feminists, gays and academics have been put on the internet “black list” of fascist organization ‘Blood and Honour’.”