· June, 2006

Stories about Women & Gender from June, 2006

China: Internet access in Tibet

  21 June 2006

Virtual China has a guest blogger today, Kathrine Hoersted, who brings us a post looking at the young Tibetan woman with whom she lived during her graduate research in a small village in Tibet, and how despite severely limited internet access there the two have managed to keep in touch.

Nepal: Women and the Revolution

  20 June 2006

Paramendra on women and the revolution. “This is so very wrong. This is offensive. The April Revolution might not have earned the women total equality yet, but it sure earned them and everyone else the right to peaceful assembly. Why were they roughed up? Senior ministers should have come out...

Hong Kong: woman's sense of security

  20 June 2006

Florence in Over the Rainbow asks in her post what were you (woman) doing when you were 25/26? and what would you be doing when you were 46? how can woman cultivate a sense of security by themselves? (zh)

Estonia: “A Simple Estonian Woman”

J. Otto Pohl writes about historians and the human suffering, quotes from a collection on Estonian women, and accuses certain U.S. university professors of lying: “Here we have ‘a simple Estonian woman’ providing more truth about the experience of communism than dozens of leftist university professors in the US who...

New Caledonia, Francophones and Cricket

  17 June 2006

Over at 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie, Sebastien who lives in New Caledonia but is originally from continental France writes (Fr) a post that shows how little cricket resonates with most of the French-speaking world : “While the world focuses on soccer, I want to introduce you to a less...

China: Blogs for the ladies and the superstars

  17 June 2006

If a Chinese-language version of something called Blogerati existed, portal website Sina.com would most likely be it. Is it a surprise that two of Sina's three top bloggers are women? At third spot is media mogul Hong Huang (洪晃), ex-wife of Farewell My Concubine director Chen Kaige and daughter of...

Iran: Paradoxes of Life

Marge Ghesti talks about different paradoxes in Iranian society. The blogger writes many girls like to have intellectual boy friends but they get married rich guys such as business men or lawyers. He adds he does not understand what matters more with Iranian girls or women: Having right to divorce...

Hong Kong: debate over questionable poll

  14 June 2006

The Commerical Radio in Hong Kong launched a questionable poll on “the female artists they would most like to indecently assault” and resulted in a joint protest by woman organizations. The poll was eventually banned and the programme were suspended for two months. It resulted in an online petition against...

Russia, Ukraine: Bringing a Spouse to the U.S.

Stephan Clark of Everybody I Love You sets out to explore what it takes to bring one's foreign spouse to the United States – partly because this is what the subjects of his research often have to go through, but also because he is getting married to a Russian national...

Iran: New Blog to Back Women

A new blog, Zanirani, is launched to back the women activists who tried to demonstrate two days ago but was repressed by the policewomen. The blog says what these women asked for such as more legal rights, is our wish too (Persian). Many people including academics, journalists, writers and bloggers...

China: Why Chinese people are not good at football

  14 June 2006

Li Yin-he, a Mainland Chinese professor on woman studies tried to explain why Chinese people are not good at football by confucian culture and the national character of a peasant state: Chinese masculinity are more intellectual (zh). Virtual China has translated part of her viewpoints into English. However, Korean also...

Violence, Policewomen & Football

According to the media and several blogs police in Iran have beaten and arrested tens of people after a group of women activists tried to hold a demonstration asking for greater legal rights in a square of the capital Tehran on Monday 12 June. Several bloggers have reported about this...

Japan: Internet beauty queens

  13 June 2006

An internet beauty queen has been chosen, writes Tokyo Times‘ Lee, from 5,500 entries: “[I]n a bid to make sure that the victor didn’t turn out to be a balding and bearded middle-aged man living with his parents and known online as Judith, the organizers asked the 20 best contestants—chosen...

Malaysia: Family Pride

  12 June 2006

Meifon talks about the importance of eating together with family and is proud of her parents who encourage her to be independent.

Iran: Peaceful Protest

According to Persian Architect, this afternoon, there will be a peaceful protest against anti-women's law in Tehran. The blogger gives a link to the declaration of women's rights activists concerning this protest. Several blogs and many personalities have already backed this peaceful demonstration.

Rwanda: Mother and Child

  12 June 2006

Guillaume, an NGO worker in Rwanda, posts (Fr) pictures of Grace, a Rwandan co-worker and newborn Lancelot so that his father who is studying in Belgium can follow his evolution.