· September, 2006

Stories about Women & Gender from September, 2006

Chilean Blog Update: Woman's Talk

  30 September 2006

There are two very popular 100% womens isues blogs in Chile. Men, fashion, concerns, boyfriends, relations, thoughts, all center on women's interests: Zancadas (ES) and nuestroclubdelulu (ES) . In the last post of Zancadas, Ana Paula Do Brasil wrote about the moment just before we are about to go out...

Nepal: Women in the Supreme Court

  29 September 2006

The Supreme Court in Nepal just got a bit more gender neutral according to Legal News from Nepal. “The spouses of female judges of the Supreme Court can now go with their wives when they go abroad on official duty and enjoy government allowances and facilities during such visits.”

India: Discussing feminism

  28 September 2006

Hip Hop Grandmom discusses feminism. “When we talk of equal rights for men and women what exactly do we mean? I know of a family a young couple where the husband is supposed to sweep and the wife has to swab.”

India: Blank Noise and the Media

  27 September 2006

Known Turf on taking back the streets in India, what the The Blank Noise Project is doing about it, and how the event was covered by the media. “For instance, I learnt to look. To stand in a crowded public space and look. Not to smile, not to shuffle my...

Nigeria: remembering Mrs Ekpo

  23 September 2006

Black Looks remembers Mrs Margaret Ekpo, “Mrs Ekpo, along with the late Fumilayo Ransome Kuti, was one of Nigeria’s most ardent political activists and campaigners for women’s rights.”

Blog Roundup: MIB Forum

  23 September 2006

The Forum was held in Chancellor's Hall, University Brunei Darussalam only a few nights ago, Wednesday night, to be exact. Now, it is already Sunday, yet the noise it made still reverberates all throughout the usually very quiet nation and the even more quiet blogging scene. The Forum was a...

Africa: 1st Carnival of African Women

  23 September 2006

Mshairi announces the 1st Carnival of African Women, which will be held in cyberspace on Monday October 9th, 2006: “To participate in the premier Carnival, we are asking contributors to write a piece on Blogging and Identity and publish it on their blogs. Please feel free to interpret the topic...

China: Cows, pigs and balls

  21 September 2006

Last week, two women at Bullog.cn—a blogger's portal unique in that it was set up by prominent bloggers themselves as opposed to a large media corporation—acted on dissatisfaction with what they saw as an old yellow guys club (the Chinese name is Bull Blog) and started their own blog, Cow...

Barbados: The Y chromosome

  20 September 2006

“He didn't say “I put others needs before my own, I sacrifice my happiness for my loved ones.” or “I give value to my emotions, I feel my partners grief” or “I acknowledge God as mother, I nurture Her creation,” says Barbados's BIM in a tongue-in-cheek rant about partriarchy.

Eastern Europe: Video documents homophobia on the rise

  20 September 2006

The latest twist in the long-running saga of anti-gay violence and state oppression took place yesterday in Moscow, as an appeals court upheld the earlier lower court ruling to ban Moscow's Gay Pride March in May 2006. The gay rights activists who brought the case will now attempt to challenge...

South Korea: Textbook revision

  20 September 2006

Sewing from Marmot's Hole gives us more background about the South Korea textbook revision. This time it is not about intepretation of history, but about changing traditional gender roles, implicit endorsement of single-child families, and unhealthy focus on the myth of a homogeneous Korean “race”.

China: cancer report

  20 September 2006

One Man band width reports on the condition of breast cancer patients in China. Breast cancer is becoming the biggest killer for Chinese women, even resources have been allocated for campaign, nothing much has been changed: “they do not want to alarm women in the late stages of a disease...

Lebanon: Pope, Politics, Post-War Casualties and Circumcision

  19 September 2006

This week Lebanese blogs discusses circumcision, the environment, the Pope's quote on Islam, Lebanese politics, post war hardships and suspicions among other things. Let us start this weeks sampling by answering these questions: What if Google was used to settled battles … who would win? Interested in knowing? Lazarus has...

Iran:Reversible Reforms

  17 September 2006

Aknoun says that he read in conservative Keyhan newspaper that male teachers won't be able to teach in girls high schools [Fa].The blogger adds during eight years of reformist government we heard several times that reforms are irreversible. Now we see everything can be changed and there is anymore no...

Turkey is Typing:Best of Summer Edition

  16 September 2006

It has been quite a while since an update on the Turkish blogosphere has been done, and rather than trying to update you on every detail that I have failed to report, I thought that this post should focus on the most interesting posts of the summer. Granted, the information...

Indonesia: Policewoman Chang

  15 September 2006

Indonesia Matters introduces Yolla Bernanda. Yolla, whose chinese name is Chang Mei Xiang, is probably the first ethnic Chinese policewoman in Indonesia.

India: On being Macho

  14 September 2006

Cuckoo's Call on what constitutes being macho. “According to a study done on the group from a northeast Mumbai slum, a “real man” is one who is “physically attractive, dominant, aggressive and sexually powerful”. And possibly like actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, who most said were their “role models”.”

Barbados: Last bastion of male influence?

  11 September 2006

A Barbadian community leader asserts that there's no place for girls in the Boy Scout movement, as “there must be organisations within our society that maintain a male influence.” “Here we going again with the usual ‘Bajan women are taking over blablabla’,” says eemanee, “How many times must it be...

Iran:Commercials and Women

  11 September 2006

Pouya says in USA-based Iranian channels, commercials about food products represent women in kitchen trying to serve husband, family and guests when these commercials’ targeted audiences are Iranian, Arabic or Armenian. The blogger says same commercials from same company represent women as active professional people when they target American audience...