· February, 2006

Stories about War & Conflict from February, 2006

Uganda: Child Soldiers

  22 February 2006

Uganda-CAN reports from the Northern region on the plight of child soldiers. Even after being rescued and returned home, the children still suffer from being stigmatised by their own families and friends.

Afghan Whispers: Civil Society, Corruption & Secularism

  20 February 2006

Safrang writes about civil society in Afghanistan : “As the world is becoming a small but global village such proceedings not only entails scattering within the human family but also undermines the efforts for peace and solidarity around the globe. The civil society of Afghanistan, likewise, does not consider resorting...

Iran: Poetry & Nuclear!

  18 February 2006

Abbas Maroufi, Germany based famous writer, poet and blogger, has writtena poem about nuclear energy (Persian). He says in this nuclear energy is not modern, killing people is not modern, a stone is always modern, but throwing stone is not modern…a flower for you, every day, is modern.

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  16 February 2006

Love is in the air this week and even hardened Iraqi bloggers go mushy at the knees on Valentines day. The cartoon controversy has been brewing with more thoughtful comments and Iraq has been dealing with its own controversy – the demon of abuses by British and American troops has...

Cambodia: The Shadow of the Past

  14 February 2006

In 1970 a boy of ten Nhem En joined Khmer Rouge. He was sent to study photography in China, and six years later became a photographer of death at Tuol-Sleng genocide museum, the site of S-21. He told journalists in 2001 about his past work that “they [the prisoners] always...

Tukui-Mekteb Battle

  13 February 2006

Andy of Taking Aim looks at reports on the battle that took place in a Southern Russian village this past Friday, “one of the largest battles seen in outside of Chechnya for a while.”

Sudan: Darfur

  13 February 2006

The Passion of the Present points to a report in the NY Times ” Disposable cameras for disposable people…………Meet some of the disposable people of Darfur, the heirs of the disposable Armenians, Jews, Cambodians, Rwandans and Bosnians of past genocides. Look carefully, for several hundred thousand people like these have...

Rwanda: genocide non-survivor

  13 February 2006

Rwandan Survivors posts a letter from a survivor of the Rwandan genocide….”am 26 and I am a genocide survivor. Sincerely speaking, I have got no words to express the genocide. It is something that can end on a political aspect but for survivors, this crime is everlasting. You are called...