· October, 2006

Stories about War & Conflict from October, 2006

Sri Lanka: Hosting Propaganda

  31 October 2006

FILEnetworks Blog takes a look at propaganda and the LTTE. “So we wanted to know who hosted Tamilnet. We found the answer and it didnt surprise us at all. Finding the host is not a complicated process and you can do it yourself.”

India: Capital Punishment, Afzal and Santosh

  31 October 2006

National Highway reflects on capital punishment. “For the simple reason that the desire to see his life extinct reflects society’s desire to disown his act of crime as being ‘inhuman’. But what Santosh did was very human, born out of human impulses, and has to be resolved within the parameters...

Mexico: First Hand Account of Oaxaca Violence

  31 October 2006

Having met Bradley Will a week before his death in Oaxaca, British Journalist John Dickey asks, “does a gringo always have to die for the world to act?” Dickey also adds: “What you probably won’t hear either is that the APPO people do not carry any firearms. Their only weapons...

Lebanon: Political Uncertainty and Men

  31 October 2006

Many Lebanese blogs are reflecting the internal political bickering that is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future of the country. Most of the posts in this weeks review are bleak with little hope for the future. This is something that is very unusual for a people who take...

East Timor: Youth Gangs

  31 October 2006

Timorsunshine posts a link to a report on groups and gangs in East Timor. ‘Enjoy reading it! It's a great ‘resource’ map for the kind of groups and gangs that young people are involved in.”

Mexico: The last moments of Bradley Roland Will

  30 October 2006

Journalism seems like a precarious profession to practise in Mexico. It's ranked by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist. The latest tragic example of this came on Friday 27th October, in the southern state of Oaxaca, with the shooting...

Sri Lanka: Telecom and Conflict

  30 October 2006

LirneAsia on telecom in Sri Lanka suffering because of the conflict. “Now, Dialog and the people of the North are paying the price of the path of war. For two months, the mobile networks have been shut down in the North, with service being allowed intermittently in the East. This...

Nepal: Maoists and the People

  30 October 2006

BlogDai comments on the Maoists and the People. “An actual “People's Movement” is starting to take hold. For the first time, we see what appears to be mass, spontaneous outrage and intolerance of Maoist cruelty. Just a few days ago, thousands of citizens took to the streets in Jhapa in...

Bangladesh in Turmoil

  29 October 2006

Bangladesh is going through turbulent times as the row over an interim caretaker government chief persists who will lead the country towards the upcoming parliament election in January 2007. This unique caretaker government (CTG) system adopted in Bangladesh constitution worked in past three elections. However this time the opposition parties...

Dispatch from Uganda

  27 October 2006

The tenuous peace talks in Juba, Sudan, between the Government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) continue for a third month, with each side accusing the other of non-compliance with the cessation of hostilities agreement. However, complete breakdown of the talks was averted when the Government of Southern...

East Timor: Updates On The Latest Round Of Violence

  27 October 2006

Dili-gence has the latest from East Timorese capital city of Dili where the latest round of violent incidents have left the airport closed. “News reports suggest that at least 2 people were killed in fighting near the airport. The airport is closed. Blackhawk choppers working all night Tuesday night and...

Sudan: skin-color not the root cause of conflict in Sudan

  27 October 2006

Sudanese Thinker discusses the root causes of the conflict in Sudan, “The CBS documentary is cool but it fails like many other articles to describe the root causes of the conflict correctly. They’ve oversimplified it as a racist genocidal war by Arabs against Africans. While racism is definitely an element...

Sri Lanka: Agendas of warring parties

  26 October 2006

Lankawatch on a reality check on the peace process and talks. “If you stop kidding around and analyze the true underlining agendas of the warring parties in the ethnic conflict, you can determine the outcome of the peace talks.”

Sri Lanka: Future of the Internet

  25 October 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding on the “Future of the Internet”. “Given that many respondents argue that violence arising from conflicts over religion, economics, and politics, will be more prevalent, the future of the internet is in one way or another deeply entwined with violence and conflict.”

Nepal: Langtang National Park and the Maoists

  25 October 2006

kathman.org on going to Nepal's Langtang National Park. “While the Maoist’s People’s War had ravaged Nepal’s countryside for over ten-years and I’ve lived and visited various placed across the country, I hadn’t really every met a Maoist. I’d seen there banners, received orders not to go to certain destinations under...

India: Terrorism, Freedom Fighters etc.

  25 October 2006

The Delhicate Constitution on terrorism, freedom fighters and such terms. “For example, is there a difference between, say, the aims of Hamas and Kashmiri-based organisations, on the one hand, and Al-Qaeda and the like, on the other? You could say that the former type has liberation/freedom from external rule as...

New Round of Violence in East Timor

  25 October 2006

In her latest post from East Timor, blogger Timorsunshine writes about the latest incident in Dili. Apparently the gang war ranging in the airport area has become so bad that the Comoro bridge was blocked off and the airport actually shut down, and attacked by the people living in the...