· June, 2007

Stories about Travel from June, 2007

Jamaica: Homophobia and Tourism

  15 June 2007

Francis Wade wonders whether the signals Jamaica is sending to the international community about its position on homosexuality is having an adverse affect on the island's image.

Malaysia: Comparing Malaysia and Singapore

  15 June 2007

Being neighbors and having similar history and culture, Singapore and Malaysia get compared all the time. Esther, A Malaysian, having visited Singapore recently blogs her own take. (via Tomorrow.sg)

Former Soviet Union: Victims of Communism Memorial

As the Victims of Communism Memorial opens Washington, D.C., J. Otto Pohl lists “the nationalities deported in their virtual entirety by the Soviet government from their homelands to distant areas of the USSR”: “In total they numbered nearly 2,000,000 people. Over 500,000 of them or more than one in four...

Bahamas: Crime & Tourism

  13 June 2007

“Earth to the Caribbean … why would anyone want to visit if one does not feel safe!” Scared Monkeys is concerned about the Bahamas’ rising crime rates in tourist areas.

Iraqi Blogger Immigrating to Canada

“I thank my friends who expressed concern about my fate. Well, my life and that of my family is in a state of great upheaval and flux at the moment. I have at last succumbed to a life long temptation that I have resisted for many, many years. At last...

Russia: Quick Links

“There are so many blogs out there churning out good stories that sometimes I just can’t keep up,” writes Siberian Light and posts a few quick links to his current favorites.

Peru: Culinary Adventures in Lima

  12 June 2007

Alejandro of Peru Food chronicles the first three days of his culinary adventures to various restaurants in Lima, which includes details of his customary tradition of visiting Café Haiti for his first meal after arriving in Peru. Here he always orders the dish Lomo Saltado.

Haiti: Impressions of Haiti

  11 June 2007

“I spent a good number of hours in the country trying to come to terms that this magical western portion of Hispaniola was not living up to all the negative hype too often attached to the greater Haiti.” Adrienne Wilson posts the last in her series of articles about her...

Malaysia: Religious Scholars in Tourism Industry

  11 June 2007

A Malaysian minister is proposing that Malaysian students attending religious schools in Egypt master Arabic language. The minister hopes that they will be able to serve the tourism industry in Malaysia. Malaysia has seen number of Arab tourists increase in recent years. MarinaM does not like this idea. “Nor do...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: UK Travel Advisory

  8 June 2007

In response to the UK issuing a travel advisory about Trinidad and Tobago in the wake of the JFK terror plot, Bajan Reporter says: “I am not saying that anywhere is peaceful and idyllic, but to jump on a bandwagon because the American media have found a few fringe lunatics…is...