· May, 2007

Stories about Travel from May, 2007

India: At the Delhi airport

  22 May 2007

Dateline Bombay on struggling through the queues and rush at the Delhi airport. “There is just one long line to enter the immigration area. And it takes a long time. Guess why ? Not because the immigration guys are dragging their feet. Not quite. Because for every four guys from...

Bhutan: Layap Community

  22 May 2007

Stunning photographs of the Layap community at Earth-Bound Insight. “My cousin, whom I’ve already mentioned as the one who took pictures of the Motithang batch, sent more photographs from his trip to Lingzhi. They had snow fall as they were crossing the pass above 5400meters above Sea level. And now...

Cuba: Iberia Ad Controversy

  22 May 2007

Both Babalu Blog and Child of the Revolution weigh in on the controversy surrounding an Iberia Airlines ad promoting travel to Cuba that has been pulled following “public complaints from a Spanish consumer advocacy group which argued that the promotion was sexist and demeaning to Cuban women, and promoted ‘sex...

Barbados: Differentiating a Destination

  22 May 2007

Following a comment from a cruise line president that stated “one island is pretty much like another”, Barbados Free Press examines the large promotional spending the cruise lines are doing in Europe and wonders: “What are they spending in their largest market, the Caribbean?”

Japan: Ice Aquarium

  22 May 2007

Edo from Pink Tentacle introduces an ice aquarium with 40 large ice blocks containing 450 specimens (80 varieties) of local marine life — including squid, crab, bonito and saury — which appear to be frozen in mid-swim.

Poland: Roma Photo Exhibit

“Strolling through the Saski Park in Warsaw this morning, by pure accident, I came across wonderful open air photo exhibition on Polish Roma,” writes Olia Yatskevich of TOL's Romantic and posts some photos.

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

Today's Middle East in Pictures tour takes us to Dubai's lovely beaches, Doha at night, a picture of a flower in Bahrain, the blooming flower gardens of Syria this spring and finally on a Viagra buying spree in the bazaars of Fez, in Morocco.

Bahamas: Beautifying Nassau?

  21 May 2007

“I believed that finally, instead of just talking about it, Mr. Ingraham would set as one of his top priorities the changing of downtown Nassau from a freight depot to a beautiful tourist attraction.” Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com is disappointed to learn that beautification of the Bahamas capital is not...

Chile: Transantiago Falls Short

  21 May 2007

The relatively new public transport system in Santiago that seeks to integrate and combine the different lines of buses and trains continues to draw criticisms. Qué weá miro en Interné? [ES], a Chilean blog, thinks that even with a well thought out plan, the plan cannot work unless all of...

Romania: “Urban Contrast”

Owlspotting posts pictures of Romania's old and new neighborhoods: “As metal rusts on one edge of town, metal gives birth to new neighborhoods at the other. Cities are expanding, people are slowly gravitating outward, traffic jams have become common place, and metal is once again in fashion.”

Botswana: discovering the beauty of the Okavango Delta

  18 May 2007

Koluki shares her experience of the Okavango Delta: “I spent all day discovering the unique wonder that is the Okavango Delta by mokoro – a traditional dugout canoe introduced to the place by the Bayei people in the 18th century. No amount of words can ever come close to describe...

Argentina: When the Trains Stop Running

  18 May 2007

What happens when a strike halts all movement on Buenos Aires’ subway system? According to Cintra at GoodAirs, all hell breaks loose. The local buses were overflowing more than capacity and city taxis were impossible to hail. Even local trains and plane transport was far from business as usual due...

Bolivia: The Road to a Visa

  18 May 2007

The Bolivian blogger at Where the Dreams Die chronicles the ups and downs of applying for a visa to enter the United States. After assembling all of the necessary paperwork and an initial disappointment due an error at the embassy, he finally has visa in hand and plans to travel...