· February, 2011

Stories about Travel from February, 2011

Hong Kong: Hiking

  13 February 2011

Journey to Hong Kong introduces a hiking route where one can have a glimpse of the city's history while enjoying the unique landscape.

Colombia: British expat loves Bogotá

  7 February 2011

Vicki, a British journalist living in Colombia's capital, has posted her 101 reasons to love Bogotá, including “Streets are numbered, not named. You don’t need an A-Z,” “It is considered acceptable to love books,” “Sometimes people sell chocolate on the buses,” “New people don’t have to be drunk to talk...

Portugal: A journey blog to Antarctica

  4 February 2011

On the blog Permantar-2 [pt] you can follow Gonçalo Vieira's scientific journey to the Antarctic Peninsula. The Portuguese researcher – who is part of an international study about the permafrost and the consequences of climate change on it – invites all readers [pt] to send questions related to the campaign.

Azerbaijan: Life through foreign eyes

  3 February 2011

With the number of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) growing each year in Azerbaijan, blogs reporting on everyday life in the country continue to appear online. AK in Azerbaijan, for example, expresses its fascination with the landscape, dynamics and opportunities of the capital, Baku, while Janet-in-Azerbaijan waxes lyrically about Baku at...

Cuba: Transportation in Reverse

  2 February 2011

“In Cuba, the only means of cheap public mass transit are the city buses…state taxi service has disappeared”: Iván's File Cabinet says that the transportation service in Havana is regressing.