· May, 2007

Stories about Travel from May, 2007

Cambodia: E-Visa and E-Visa Blog

  28 May 2007

Andy Brouwer likes the E-Visa facility offered by Cambodia. “The e-Visa website makes the process a straightforward one, uses paypal for the payment section and also contains a blog to keep you up to speed with further developments as well as a page for sharing your stories about your Cambodia...

Ecuador: Railway Company Keeps Public Informed

  28 May 2007

Luigi Salas [ES] had never traveled on a train in Ecuador. However, after reading the blog El Tren mas Dificil del Mundo [ES] (The Most Difficult Train in the World) he feels that maybe he should. The aforementioned blog is written by Héctor Villagrán Cepeda, who is president of the...

Guatemala: Touristic Image from the Outside

  28 May 2007

Voces de Guatemala [ES] recalls the debate regarding the new logo and slogan promoting tourism in Guatemala. Roberto Lone recently picked up a brochure in a consulate in the United States and wondered how his country is still being seen from the outside. One commenter was adamant that the brochure...

Russia: Vacationing Survey

Russian-language LJ community eco_altai is a place for fans of ecotourism in Russia's Altai Republic to meet and share impressions and beautiful pictures. Right now, an interesting survey is being conducted there: on vacationing in the Russian Federation. Read on to learn some of the results.

Nepal: The Mount Everest Buzz

  26 May 2007

Every mountaineering season, Mount Everest attracts hundreds of climbers from all over the world. Sherpas are key to successful ascent, but they do not get due credit.

Estonia: Part of Nordic Community

Itching for Eestimaa writes about Estonia's relations with its Nordic neighbors: “Estonia is too small and too far for serious investment when dollars and pounds can flow into larger, closer markets like Poland, Hungary, or the Czech Republic. For the Finns, Swedes, and to a lesser extent the Danes and...

Bulgaria: Prom Season

Eternal Remont visits Bulgaria at the height of the prom season: “Even desperately poor families will bankrupt themselves to pay for a fantastic dress and a classic car. Entire convoys of these vehicles roll the streets of Sofia, honking horns and otherwise making a fantastic racket.”

Bahamas: Saving Nassau

  24 May 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit has a few ideas about how to go about improving downtown Nassau and quotes Pat Rahming to emphasize the point: “…The need for thought about both the function and meaning of the downtown can't be overemphasized. That is where the legacy of the nation is...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Mostar

  23 May 2007

Wu Wei visits Mostar (among other things, the unofficial capital of Herzegovina) and learns what Bosnia & Herzegovina has in common with Trinidad & Tobago: “At our meeting in Mostar, we were gently chided for talking about Bosnia. ‘Here in Herzegovina, we feel like Tobago must feel, when everyone talks...

Latvia: Interview with Aleksejs Tapins

Peteris Cedrins of Marginalia interviews Aleksejs Tapins of All About Latvia: Why do you blog? – […] At one point, it's become a search for my own identity. Who am I? Am I Russian/Latvian/American? I tried answering my own questions in hopes to show what some Russian-speaking people in Latvia...

Israel: On Oprah's Visit

Israeli blogger Desert Peace is appalled that talk show Diva Oprah Winfrey accepted to pay Israel a solidarity visit. “I only hope that if she comes here she will visit places like Ramallah, Jenin, Gaza, Bethlehem…. the list goes on. Let her see with her own eyes who the real...