· March, 2011

Stories about Travel from March, 2011

Cuba: Meeting Carter

  31 March 2011

The Cuban Triangle summarizes former President Jimmy Carter's visit to Cuba, while Generation Y blogs about their meeting and the symbolic gift she gave him “in the name of several bloggers and other Cubans.”

Cuba: Ex-Prisoner's Travel Restricted

  25 March 2011

Pedazos de La Isla reports that one prisoner of conscience who was freed on condition of exile to Spain expected “his new life in Spain…to be full of freedoms and opportunities, but his case has proven otherwise.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Improper Search?

  25 March 2011

Barbados Free Press is livid about an incident in which a Jamaican traveler was subjected to a cavity search and then deported, saying: “Even if [the visitor] was suspected and then deported for good reason such as gang affiliation or crimes committed in Jamaica, she deserves to be treated with...

Haiti: Aristide's Return

  17 March 2011

“Many believe that he still has the power to control the masses and disturb the current electoral process”: From New York City to Haiti thinks that “things just got a bit interesting.”

South Africa: Acacia Africa to host tweet-up

  15 March 2011

Acacia Africa partners with AfricaFreak.com to host tweet-up in South Africa: “Not just an event directed at consumers, Acacia Africa believes their forthcoming tweet up, scheduled for Saturday 19 March, will also be helpful to its trade representatives.”

Lebanon: Women's Anger At New Tourism Campaign

The Lebanese online community has responded angrily to a new campaign by the country's Ministry of Tourism, which aims to attract potential tourists from around the world with thoughts of Lebanese women. A letter of protest from a group of female netizens is demanding the advert's recall - and an apology.

Mozambique: Where streets have no name

  10 March 2011

A photo of where streets have no name in Mozambique: “There is a city where there are signposts everywhere. And each signpost is empty of language. The citizens decide on the names of the streets by consensus at 8am each morning. Poets run the naming sessions..”

Vietnam: Road accidents

  8 March 2011

Citing WHO statistics, Andy Engelson is surprised to discover that “United States’ traffic is as dangerous as Vietnam’s.”