· February, 2008

Stories about Travel from February, 2008

Thailand: Thaksin's Passport

  28 February 2008

Bangkok Pundit looks the issues surrounding former Thai prime minister Thaksin's diplomatic passport. Thaksin is set to return to Thailand from his exile after he was overthrown in a coup back in 2006.

Jamaica: Both Sides Now

  28 February 2008

“We Jamaicans take the mountains, valleys, waterfalls — all for granted. And because we can't see those things with ‘outsider eyes’ we don't think deeply enough about how to share them with the world”: Francis Wade believes Jamaica is full of untapped potential.

Serbia: Where is Facebook's Belgrade?

  27 February 2008

According to Belgrade 2.0, Serbia's capital has mysteriously disappeared from Facebook: “Anyway, there are couple of groups now fighting to get Serbian cities back on the list of hometowns, since about 70 thousand Serbs that are already on Facebook just lost that option. Unfortunately, the protesters are not being very...

Africa: The dust horror

  23 February 2008

“Between Conakry and Bamako there are 1000 km of motorways. First forests, then mountain, savannas after. It is a gift to the eyes and a way to ease the 15 hours’ drive. The trip ends in a bath of dust, by the entrance to Mali's capital”. On publishing an incredible...

Bermuda: Immigration

  22 February 2008

Politics.bm has a suggestion for helping Bermuda's “appallingly slow Department of Immigration.”

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk and Highway Patrol

  20 February 2008

Ukrainiana writes about Ukraine's parliamentary speaker's rough encounter with the “Ukrainian driving culture” – impersonated by “the deputy chief of Kobra, a special highway patrol force authorized to inspect officials’ cars.”

Kosovo: Views from the Russophone Blogosphere

  20 February 2008

According to the Yandex Blogs portal, over 3,700 posts on Kosovo independence have appeared in the Russian-language blogosphere in the past three days. Some of these posts have received dozens, if not hundreds, of comments. Below are a few snippets of this lively discussion, all translated from Russian.

South Korea: Dark Tourism

  20 February 2008

Korea Beat translated a local report on the phenomenon of “dark tourism” to the scene of the Namdaemun/Sungnyemun fire.

Mexico: Cable Car in Mexico City

  19 February 2008

In order to alleviate some of the traffic difficulties in the area of Santa Fe in Mexico City, the government has proposed the construction of a cable car, writes México Para Los Mexicanos [es].

Bolivia: Dinosaur Park in Sucre

  18 February 2008

From Bolivia, Tragicomedia Amorosa Musical [es] writes and posts picture of the dinosaur park in Sucre, where life-sized replicas of these prehistoric creatures can be seen upclose.

Ethiopia: Goodbye Ferenge Addis Blog

  17 February 2008

After going back to the US from Ethiopia, this is Marc's last post on his blog, Ferenge Addis Blog: “Having moved back to the US a couple of weeks ago, I'm sad to now say goodbye to the FAB. I've made some friends through contacts made here. And the comments...