· November, 2006

Stories about Travel from November, 2006

Serbia: Kragujevac Stories

  30 November 2006

You would have to find out by yourself how it feels to be in this southeastern European country, but in the meantime you can read words from different online spaces talking about those legendary cars produced in Kragujevac, the city's traditional bistro aura and some glances at its past. First,...

Hong Kong: rescuing Star Ferry Pier

  30 November 2006

inmediahk.net has several reports and public appeals on the demolition of Star Ferry Pier – the most famous tourist site in Hong Kong (zh). I have put together informations, articles, video and photos at interlocals.net.

Pana-Blogs Report

  29 November 2006

#1: From Chiriqui Chatter: El Desfile de los Bomberos en David , a very colorful report on a traditional  firemen parade that takes place in most large cities in Panama to commemorate the  independence festivities of the country. In this case Don shares a collection of photos and even a...

Guyana: Piggybacking on Barbados tourism

  29 November 2006

MediaCritic proposes that the target of Guyana's most significant tourism advertising campaign should be tourists visiting Barbados, a model already adopted by St. Vincent & the Grenadines: “Through a CARICOM engineered initiative our powers that be need to establish some formal initiative with our sister nation in order to initially...

Croatia: Schengen and Eurail

  28 November 2006

“Slovenia, Italy and Hungary are working to maintain the current border regime that allows Croatian citizens to cross into their countries with only an ID card,” Neretva River reports. And – “From January 1st 2007 passes covering rail travel in Croatia, Ireland, Italy and Portugal will be available, as well...

Brunei: Bomb Scare at the Airport

  28 November 2006

Our Local Style in Brunei is happy that the authorities are serious about airport security. Brunei's main airport was closed for two and half hours after an alert passenger notices an unaccompanied handbag in the smoking lounge.

Belize: A bang-up tourist season

  27 November 2006

Lee Vanderwalker of Caye Caulker, Belize, is busy with preparations for this year's tourist season, which from the feedback she's been getting is going to be “a bang up year.”

Thailand: Thai Bridge Blogger Translates Intellectual's Book

  24 November 2006

Thai bridge bogger at Fringer.org has translated thai intellectual Dr. Nidhi Eoseewong‘s book titled “The Culture of Poverty” from Thai to English. The blogger offers the translation as a free download. The book is a collection of essays that will help anyone interested in Thailand to better understand the culture...

China: Three Rules for Foreign Tourists at Three Gorge Dam

  24 November 2006

ESWN translates and puts together articles about the arrest of tourists at Three Gorge Dam. To prevent from getting arrest, tourists have to follow the three princples: You must not meet, mention or take photos of the 1 million people displaced by the Three Gorge Dam project.

Bahamas: Better living through travel

  23 November 2006

“. . . until we understand why people travel, unless we can step into their shoes, we are going to stay right where we are, and other people are going to catch us up and grow taller,” writes Nicolette Bethel, making the case for Bahamians to become different kinds of...