· March, 2006

Stories about Travel from March, 2006

Singapore: Leaving Home

  24 March 2006

agrain of sand has a dilemma: “How to tell my parents that Singapore isn’t really my home anymore? I mean, yes, they are back there, I grew up there, they took care of me there, but how do you call home a place where you haven’t lived in years, and...

Iran: The Flight from Iran!

View from Iran says about her flight from Iran. Blogger writes ” the flight from Iran was uneventful. By the end of our flight, not one woman was wearing a headscarf. You would see more women in headscarves on any flight in Europe or the US.”

Ukraine: Kyiv Sightseeing

  23 March 2006

Nancy Case of Case In Point takes her readers on a Kyiv sightseeing tour: “Is there anything cooler than being in a narrow cave with prostrating pilgrims and ancient shriveled dead guys and only one thin candle for light? I didn’t think so.”

Guyana: Amerindian eco-resort

  22 March 2006

VSO intern Michiyo gets to spend some time in a Makushi Amerindian village in Guyana's Rupununi region, and experience first-hand the community's efforts at running an eco-resort. As usual, she also offers a Japanese translation (JA) of her post.

China: Traffic TV

  22 March 2006

Danwei reports on the next development in China's love affair with the internal combustion engine: Traffic TV. “The ad delivery machines that have appeared in around 10,000 taxis and buses throughout [Beijing] will now deliver up-to-the-minute reports of traffic jams and accidents so you'll know why your commute is taking...

Ukraine: Playing Run-and-Chase in Pediatrics Dept.

  16 March 2006

A Malaysian medical student posts pictures of spring snow in Simferopol, the capital of Ukraine's warmest region, Crimea. Also, there are pictures from another pediatrics class that evolved into “playing run and chase” with Ukrainian kids: “As usual, Fridays give us a multitude of wonderful feeling and joy as we...

Russia: Train Rides

  15 March 2006

Tim Newman of White Sun of the Desert writes about a typical train journey in Russia: boiled eggs and endless conversations are the most common features. Also, for a male foreigner, motherly attention of female compartment-mates, which would be considered rude in the West but are a norm in Russia.

Czech Republic: Museum of Romani Culture in Brno

  13 March 2006

Back in February, Jen and Derrick Teal of A Year in the Czech Republic visited the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno, located in the city's Roma neighborhood: “Suddenly, almost everyone we passed had the darker skin tone of many Roma Czechs and the fairer-skinned Czechs seemed to have disappeared,...

Swedish Blogs on “Eastern Europe”

  12 March 2006

It is safe to say that the blog scene reflecting “Eastern European” events is quite limited as compared to the “hotter” regions such as the Middle East. As for the many country-specific blogs on “Eastern Europe,” there is even less information to be found. Therefore, I here try to account...

Vietnam: Departures

  10 March 2006

Six Months in Hanoi bids an emotional farewell to Vietnam. “My experience of leaving Hanoi was of suddenly seeing the loss of a whole community. I know I will return, but I will never regain that world.” It took him a week before he could write about it.

Vietnam: Fate of an Expatriate

  9 March 2006

Our Man in Hanoi worries that he'll end up like many Westerners in Asia: “Am I destined to be the movie ex-pat villain, stuffing my face, sweating profusely and shouting at a befuddled waiter to be quicker with the drinks? I hope not. But you can see it happening over...

Serbia & Montenegro: Climbing in Montenegro

Mat Savelli at Roma Roma posts another installation on his travel in Montenegro: “It's fantastic though because there are seemingly no tourists here (save myself) and absolutely no limits in terms of wandering. It's a bit like being in Rome, except everything is better preserved and you can climb, touch,...