· February, 2006

Stories about Travel from February, 2006

Vietnam: Visiting Pagodas

  28 February 2006

Our Vietnamese God describes visiting pagodas in Vietnam. “Food served at pagodas is usually good, really healthy but a wierd thing is that sometimes they make it into animal shapes, which I'm still confused about.”

Russia: Moscow Diggers

  22 February 2006

Tim Newman of White Sun of the Desert links to a fascinating story in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, about the Diggers of the Underground Planet, a Moscow group formed in 1990 to “study the historical, ecological, and social aspects of the Moscow underground.”

Russia: Moscow Metro, Honey, Driving and Cinema

  22 February 2006

As part of an ongoing virtual tour of Moscow, snowsquare.com provides a few more glimpses of the capital's landmarks, obvious and not so: male/female voices of Moscow Metro; yet another Honey Fair; Moscow “migalki” and irresponsible driving; and the recent re-opening of Oktyabr Cinema.

Barbados: Hospitality on the bus

  22 February 2006

Linda Thompkins at My Barbados Blog receives an e-mail from a visitor who was alarmed at an offer from a young Barbadian woman riding with her on a crowded bus to hold her packages. “Let me say it is quite natural for bus riders that are seated to hold packages,”...

Cambodia: At a Crematorium

  20 February 2006

travel-itch visits a Buddhist crematorium in Cambodia: “It looked like most Southeast Asian temples: walls of whitewashed concrete topped with curlicues of gilt plasterwork, and shiny bas reliefs jutting out from dark-painted surfaces. But there was a large pile of wizened-looking logs next to it.”

Thailand: Airport Odors

  20 February 2006

A Daily Dose of Words ridicules a Financial Times travel writer who described inhaling “the smell of mint, of jasmine and perfume” on stepping out of Bangkok's Don Muang airport. Exhaust fumes, perhaps, he and his commenters point out. But no, no herbs and flowers.

Albania: Trivia Quiz

  20 February 2006

Sitting in an Internet cafe, with the electricity out and a generator running, David Sheern of David in Albania comes up with Albanian Trivia Quiz. Answers provided at the end of the post.

Russia: Sandunov Bath House in Moscow

  17 February 2006

Two-Zero writes of how he became a fan of the Russian banya while living in New York City's East Village, and explains why he hasn't been to Moscow's famous Sanduny (Sandunovskiye Bani) yet, now that he lives in Moscow. His friend Michael Haertfelder, however, visited Sanduny and took some pictures.

Cambodia: The Shadow of the Past

  14 February 2006

In 1970 a boy of ten Nhem En joined Khmer Rouge. He was sent to study photography in China, and six years later became a photographer of death at Tuol-Sleng genocide museum, the site of S-21. He told journalists in 2001 about his past work that “they [the prisoners] always...

Escape into Albanian Countryside

  14 February 2006

Anna of annasblog shares pictures from a Saturday escape from the capital Tirana to Albanian countryside: sheep, brides, ancient ruins – and modern bunkers, some 700,000 of them scattered all over the country that's slightly smaller than the state of Maryland…

Story of a Ukrainian Grandmother: Baba Omaha

  14 February 2006

Stefan from Dykun tells a story of his grandmother, who was kidnapped and brought to Nazi Germany – like many other Ukrainians – to work at a munitions factory at the age of 17. When the war ended, she didn't return to the Soviet Union but escaped to the United...