· September, 2006

Stories about Technology from September, 2006

United Arab Emirates: Etisalat obstructing business

  25 September 2006

Going back to the early seventies, companies left Beirut because of the civil war and re-located largely to Cyprus, Athens, Dubai, Bahrain. Many of those which had gone to Cyprus & Athens re-re-located because telecommunications were so bad. Many came on to Dubai because telecommunications were so good. A lesson...

Hong Kong: GWF investigation

  25 September 2006

The Internet Society Hong Kong has carried out an investigation on the suspected blocking of ntscmp.com website by Nevigator and HGC; Charles Mok blogs the findings: we cannot find any evidence of a block imposed by the accused ISPs on the website in question. Connections from these ISPs to the...

Cambodia: Expanding Blogosphere

  24 September 2006

The blogosphere in Cambodia is growing rapidly and it includes both the locals and expats. Details are Sketchy introduces some new blogs from Cambodia.

Third Chilean City with free Wi Fi

  21 September 2006

Molina is located in the Maule Región, in Curicó province. The main square in Molina now has free Wi-Fi for the citizens. This is the third city in Chile with free Wi-Fi, The other two are Salamanca and Puerto Montt, as Plataforma Urbana (ES) explains in a post about the...

Palestine: Destroyed villages on Google Earth

  21 September 2006

umkahlil says that palestineremembered.com is working on comprehensive project to bring the Nakba online by integrating maps of destroyed Palestinian villages and towns in 1948, into the Google Earth maps, so that Palestinians can see where their original town or village is in Palestine.

Bangladesh: Texting

  21 September 2006

imperfect world 2006 on the sorts of things that texting or SMS is being used for in Dhaka. “Well how about this use of texting technology: for calling the fire brigade in an emergency! Presumably they phone you back and get the details? Or perhaps they use gsm positioning and...

Telecoms a lucrative business in Nigeria

  21 September 2006

Naija to the Core writes about telecommunication sector in Nigeria: “About 6 years ago, the GSM craze was on and Nigeria was still developing and setting up the infrastructure to welcome GSM mobile telecommunication and everything that came with it. A lot of money was invested and a lot of...

Latin America: Digital Leaders Forum

  21 September 2006

Ricardo Carreón has ongoing updates from the Digital Leaders Forum in Cartagena, Colombia, which according to Carreón is “the most relevant event to discuss Digital Inclusion and how to use technology to promote competitiveness and growth in Latin America.”

Hong Kong: GFW in HK?

  21 September 2006

Soon after Mister Bijou blogged about the suspected case of PCCW (the biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) filtering out not the south china morning post website. The issue was taken up by ESWN and spread to local blogsphere, and bloggers started to do their own testing and there...

Bahamas: Reforming broadcasting

  20 September 2006

“The country's entire broadcasting policy needs to be re-evaluated and reformed to fit our modern context,” says Sir Arthur Foulkes in a post outlining the history of television broadcasting in the Bahamas.

The future of the African blogosphere

  20 September 2006

Writing about the Digital Citizen Indaba on Blogging, which took place in South Africa last week, and the future of the African blogosphere, Grandiose Parlor asks: “What would the post-conference initiatives be? How can African bloggers leverage their knowledge and (web 2.0) expertise to a greater good? What initiatives can...

Thailand: The Coup and the Net

  20 September 2006

Ben at Mai Me Arai writes about the increase in internet usage in Thailand while the coup was taking place. “Let it never be said that Thai’s don’t know where to find information when they really want to”. Gnarlykitty points to a new classified ad in Craigslist's Thailand section.

China: Baidu and google

  20 September 2006

One man bandwidth compares the business of Baidu and Google search engine in China and predicted that Google would flounder based on the ancient Chinese pronciple of Guanxi.

Hong Kong: internet censorship

  20 September 2006

An alert posted by Mister Bijou on PCCW (biggest telecom in HK and ISP netvigator) decision to filter out a website called ntscmp. ESWN picks up the story and urges Hong Kong blogger to test the filtering.

Translating Claroline into Quechua, Aymara, and Guaraní

  19 September 2006

Editor's Note: It has already been mentioned several times on Global Voices that the world's first Quechua, Guaraní, or Aymara native speaker to blog has yet to arrive. There are several obvious reasons including lack of broadband penetration into the Andes, high cost of internet access, and the absence of...

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  18 September 2006

The 16th century town of Kazimierz Dolny in Poland – by Gustav (Warsaw Station) The Polish Farmer and the Dell? From bovinechips to microchips, Polish Matters reports on the largest single US investment in Poland from computer-maker Dell. The plant is slated for construction next year in Lodz and will...