· June, 2006

Stories about Technology from June, 2006

Myanmar: Google Blocked?

  30 June 2006

Search Engine Journal links to a Times of India report that mentions Myanmar's blocking of Google's search engine and email service. Referring to China, where Google started a censored local Google.cn service, the editor of Search Engine Journal says “I highly doubt, in this situation, that the blocking of Google...

BarCamp / BlogCamp

  28 June 2006

India is going to have a BlogCamp in September. “This barcampish event will be India's biggest and most comprehensive blog event ever conducted. This event will aim to push the bar way up. There will be exclusive tracks for blogging, podcasting and videocasting.”

China: Hopes, one day

  28 June 2006

Journalist-blogger Taras posts a list [zh] today of all the things he hopes yet to do: 1. Be a foreign correspondent in any country; 2. Find the one thing that he likes most to do in this life; 3. Figure out women's hearts; 4. Learn how to play pizzazzy songs...

Israel: Major Israeli websites hacked

Hundreds of websites were damaged by hackers in recent hours, following the righteous IDF activity in Gaza to go in after one of her citizens. This is the largest, most concentrated attack on Israeli websites in recent years. More than 750 Israeli websites, on a number of different domains, were...

Peru: Wireless Networks in Developing Countries

  28 June 2006

Luis Gustavo Lira announces the Spanish translation of “Wireless Networks in Developing Countries,” (ES) a Creative Commons-licensed book which covers “the basic physics of radio and the development of networks, including equipment and troubleshooting … The book hopes to be a useful resource for technicians in developing countries by gathering...

Malaysia: Cellphone Airtime Scam

  28 June 2006

Adam at ah ok lah! writes about a new cellphone airtime scam that Malaysian are encountering. He also posts a Malaysian version of a popular email scam.

Ethiopia: Hi-tec war against bloggers

  27 June 2006

Ethiopian Life comments on Ethiopia's crackdown against bloggers at home and in the Diaspora….”An office is being opened at the old airport area in Addis Ababa to conduct this warfare. Blocking and hacking opposition internet websites, sending spam and viruses, wire-tapping and telephone tapping, tracking money transfers are some of...

Africa: What Internet Brings

  26 June 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique writes: (Fr)“A book by Cameroonian Jacques Bonjawo, Internet, a Chance for Africa [L'Internet, Une Chance Pour l'Afrique in French] talks about the benefits of new information and communication technologies for Africa. However, the Internet promotes extraversion even if it is a way to make local...

Barbados: New drivers’ licences

  26 June 2006

Barbados Free Press is concerned that the integration of of fingerprinting technology into the new drivers’ licences the Barbados government has commissioned from a US company may have “far-reaching implications for human rights and freedoms.”

Nigeria: Youth Forum

  26 June 2006

Nigerian Technology blogger, Oro comments on the Nigerian Youth Council which he hopes to rescue “from its destructive path”….I began the week with an opportunity-turned-sour involving a Presidential Youth Forum that was eventually turned into a circus of political psychopancy — and a show of shame of what unbriddled tongues...

Africa: Using Mobile phone technology

  26 June 2006

The African Uptimist reports on a the use of mobile phones with cameras that is being used to “capture microfinance data in developing countries. ..…”In Africa, the shortage or inadequacy of such data is a major reason why financial institutions are unable or reluctant to extend loans, savings, insurance and...

Cuba: Foreign students deprived of internet access

  23 June 2006

Medicina Cubana reproduces a news agency article stating that foreign medical students at the Morón School of Medical Science have had no internet access for the past several weeks. The article also notes that “in general, Cubans are not allowed access to the Internet.”

Barbados: The election will be wired

  23 June 2006

Citing a Wired article about Rupert Murdoch and Barbados’ status as one of the Caribbean territories with the highest internet penetration, Barbados Free Press predicts that “the internet, citizen journalism, online networking and the Barbados Free Press” will play a key role in the country's upcoming general election.

Ecuador: Minutes of YouTube Fame

  23 June 2006

In a post titled “Minutes of Fame on YouTube” Eduardo Ochoa says he didn't have to film himself dancing ridiculously or falling into a creak to reach YouTube fame. Instead, he and his brother edited a summary of goals from the France – Korea match which ended up being the...

Philippines: Metro Manila Google Earth Images

  23 June 2006

Urbano dela Cruz is excited by Google Earth's recent updates to Metro Manila images. The blogger links to a Wiki titled Google Earth Philippines where he is inviting others to add more information to the maps.

Argentina: A Day Without Internet

  22 June 2006

Mariano Amartino (ES) and “La Propaladora” describe a day without internet in Buenos Aires as Fibertel, the capital's main high bandwidth internet service provider, stopped functioning for eight hours.

Peru: Microsoft Office in Quechua

  22 June 2006

Peruvian blogger Pierina, who blogs at Markefilm (ES) has published her first article in the newspaper El Comercio, which describes Microsoft's upcoming support of Quechua (ES) in the next edition of Office.

Brunei: Thai and Brunei Royals

  21 June 2006

Our Local Style in Brunei compares two news stories relating to the royalty in two South East Asian countries – one from Thailand where the people are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the King's rune and another from Brunei where three locals are facing a charge of sedition for using...