· July, 2006

Stories about Sport from July, 2006

Mongolia: Naadam Preparations

Tom Terry has photos of Naadam preparations in Mongolia. Naadam is centuries old festival during which participants compete in the “three manly games” — archery, wrestling, and horse racing — in cities throughout Mongolia.

Ghana: Zidane reaction

  10 July 2006

Ghana-based David Ajao presents a round-up of blogger reaction to the sending off of French soccer captain Zinedine Zidane in the final of the 2006 World Cup in Berlin after he headbutted an Italian player.

Russia: Moscow Stiletto Run

Snowsquare.com writes about a “stiletto run” that took place in Moscow this past Saturday. To participate, one's heels had to be 9 cm or over. Two more similar races are being planned by Glamour magazine, a sponsor: in St Petersburg on July 22 and in Novosibirsk on July 23 .

Iran: Economy & Football

In Eghtesad Baraye Hameh we read that Iranian TV has all rights to broadcast football (soccer) matches and clubs get no money from that (Persian). Most clubs depend on government subsidies to survive and because they are not sure about government's financial help, any long term planning becomes impossible.

Martinique: First Caribbean Social Forum

  7 July 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] is pleased (Fr) to learn that the first Caribbean Social Forum is happening in Martinique this week (July 5-9) but does not think its timing was particularly smart what with the World Cup's final taking place this weekend as well as an annual cultural fair in...

Racism at the World Cup

  7 July 2006

Forum Realisance says (Fr) of the World Cup: “What shocked the French is that June 27 at the end of the match against Spain, they were received with primitive ape-like screams by … Spanish spectators! And according to French and Italian papers, the same insulting screams were heard on Plaza...

Indonesia Double Take to Israel and Looking at the Future

  7 July 2006

Politics, sport, business towards Israel Ahmad Qisai at Politics and Society highlights the ever growing tension between Israel and Palestine and Indonesian government decision to boycot the playoff of the World Group II in Tel Aviv later this month but seems to have a double standard in case of economy....

Laos: Rugby Tournament

  7 July 2006

The Samakomlao blog covers the Asian Nations Series Division 6 Rugby tournament where Laos lost all the matches that it played.

India: All that cricket

  6 July 2006

Arrey Baba! fresh after the cricket match between West Indies and India in the Caribbean. “We have the world champions Australia and the no. 2 team South Africa coming here for the round robin stage, so that is gonna be a good match. “

Kenya: World Cup chance?

  5 July 2006

What An African Woman Thinks bemoans the disappearance of non-European teams from the World Cup, but calculates that Kenya has a good chance of both hosting and winning the tournament by 2054.

Polish Blogosphere Update

With missionary zeal The Poland Pulse blogs about the latest English camps coming to Poland. By no means clandestine, the camp project to convert Catholic women to a less formalistic Christianity hopes to demonstrate that: …following Christ is much more than going to church and paying homage to a religious...

Nigeria, UK: Freedom of speech

  3 July 2006

UKNaija makes a comparison between the loss of freedom of speech in Britain, where he lives, and Nigeria, where he used to live. He also mourns, unexpectedly, England's exit from the World Cup.

Fiji: Table Tennis Team

  3 July 2006

The bloggers at babasiga wants Fijian newspapers to give more coverage to the Fijian junior table tennis team. The team is currently in Australia competing in a regional tournament. ” the players are really professional, always talking seriously with their coaches, thumping the floor, leaping about and are as active...

Cambodian Views on Football World Cup

  3 July 2006

Football fatasy. Football frenzy. Football fever. You name it. People all over the the world are watching the Football FIFA world Cup 2006, hosting in Germany, so are Cambodia. Euphoria and insomnia comes to almost all of us, not to mention Cambodian buddist monks. Just days ahead of the opening...

French Guiana/World Cup: Brazil or France?

  1 July 2006

From French Guiana on the South American continent near Brazil, Carnet de Guyane writes (Fr) about allegiances during today's Brazil v. France soccer match: “Those who are French support France, those who are Brazilian support Brazil. So what about when you're Peruvian? or Haitian? or from Suriname? (…) It looks...