· March, 2011

Stories about Sport from March, 2011

Qatar: A World Cup in the Clouds

A report of a remote-controlled, solar-powered hovering shade, which could be used to cool soccer stadiums in Qatar, has taken on a life of its own, putting the small but wealthy Gulf nation in the spotlight once again. Whether or not these US $500,000 constructs will be gracing the stadia of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar though, remains to be seen.

Brazil: Critical Mass, a month later

  26 March 2011

One month after “a reckless madman ran over a group of cyclists in Porto Alegre”, during the Critical Mass event, Brazilian blogger and journalist Cristina Rodrigues writes [pt] about some concrete developments in the city, as a result of the social movement that has been created.

Bangladesh: Supporting Pakistan Cricket Team

  25 March 2011

Although many Bangladeshi spectators at a quarter-final match of the Cricket world Cup 2011 in Dhaka cheered for Pakistan during their encounter with West Indies, Mezba asks “can a Bangladeshi support the Pakistan cricket team”? Find out why.

Pakistan Day Celebrations: A Victory And A Sign Of Hope

  23 March 2011

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the Pakistan Resolution. Although the nation is struggling with insurgency and plethora of issues there is still a lot to celebrate - like today Pakistan made it to the Cricket World Cup Semifinals beating West-indies.

Belarus: Petition to Move 2014 Ice Hockey Championship Elsewhere

  12 March 2011

Pyotr Kuznetsov posts a petition (RUS, ENG) to the International Ice Hockey Federation, drafted by Lithuania-based Belarusian opposition activists, in which they are proposing “to change the location of the [2014 ice hockey championship] from Belarus to another country” – because “[t]he atmosphere in Belarus and the actions of Mr....

Russia: Sochi Mascots, Politics, and Some Twitter

RuNet Echo  11 March 2011

In an unprecedented move, the Sochi 2014 Olympic Committee was going to let the Russian people participate in the choice of the mascots, from their creation to the very selection. However, it all got mired by political controversy, "Russian style."

Russia: Ramzan Kadyrov's Brazil Game

  11 March 2011

Siberian Light comments on the “football match between an ageing team of Brazilian World Cup winners and a Chechen team featuring […] Ramzan Kadyrov,” which took place in Grozny, Chechnya, earlier this week: “The money to pay all these Brazilian superstars came from somewhere – and I’ll bet most of...

Brazil: Critical Mass Bicycle Event – Accident or Homicide?

  7 March 2011

In late February, the monthly event that brings together dozens of cyclists to ride through the streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil, aiming to encourage bicycle use - Critical Mass - ended in tragedy when a car driver hit 12 cyclists and left many injured. Bloggers ask: was it an accident or murder?

Japan: Sport Newspaper Day

  6 March 2011

March 6 is Sport Newspaper Day in Japan and it celebrates the day when the first paper specialized in sport news was published in 1946. According to Saisun, the first Japanese sport newspaper ever published was Nikkan Sports, four pages with an illustration of a baseball hurler on the first...

Brazil: Communities in Rio Blame Olympics for Evictions

  2 March 2011

Communities in the West Zone (Zona Oeste) of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil have been earmarked for eviction and removal by the City Hall in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. Recently, at least two of them, 'Vila Harmonia' and 'Vila Autódromo', have witnessed the presence of tractors, government staff and police.