· December, 2010

Stories about Sport from December, 2010

North Korea's State-run TV Broadcasted its First Western-made Film

  31 December 2010

North Korea's state-run television broadcasted its first Western-made film, a heavily edited “Bend It Like Beckham”. The British soccer film contains North Korea's taboo topics, like interracial relationships, homosexuality and religion. British Embassy in Seoul tweeted it is ‘the first western live-action film ever aired in North Korea, arranged by...

South Asia: Looking Back at the Citizen Media Storylines in 2010

  30 December 2010

You cannot leave South Asia region out of the picture as with nearly twenty three percent of the world's population, events in this region exert an enormous impact on the international system. Global Voices covered some of these events from a citizen media perspective. Let us review the popular posts of 2010 in this region.

China, Congo and Japan: Soccer politics

  29 December 2010

Ministry of Tofu translates Chinese netizens’ reactions over a recent soccer fans riot in Congo. The African soccer fans had mistaken the Japanese referee as Chinese and smashed Chinese-own stores to avenge the partial rule in the football field.

Malaysia-Indonesia Soccer Match Turns Into War of Words

  29 December 2010

Malaysia and Indonesia are the two finalists in the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup. Two twitter hashtags made it into the worldwide trending topics, ‘Hate Malaysia’ and ‘#loveindonesia’ as Indonesian netizens expressed their disappointment over the first game loss of their team

Taiwan: Cycling used to construct culture

  24 December 2010

Taiwan in Cycles looks at an article from CommonWealth magazine and discusses how cycling and leisure activities are used to construct culture and promote an ideology of Chinese nationalism in Taiwan.

Jordan: Football Violence or Racism?

  11 December 2010

News reports estimate that 250 people were injured following a football game in south Amman between the Wihdat team, usually followed by Jordanians of Palestinian heritage, and the al-Faisali team, usually supported by Jordanians of Transjordanian heritage. Twitter users react to the unfolding drama.

South Africa: The Vuvuzela gets a makerover

  11 December 2010

Vuvuzela's new role: Regrdless of its irritating “virtues”, the Vuvuzela’s place in history as the symbol for the first African World Cup is assured. Thanks to Matt Blitz and his colleagues at advertising firm Leftfield launched, the Vuvuzela is gearing up for a new role.

Russia: Soccer Fans Block Moscow Streets in Protest Against Murder

RuNet Echo  9 December 2010

Corrupcia.net, bb-mos, podkradyha, and harfang83 share pictures of the soccer fans blocking Leningradskiy prospekt, one of the major Moscow streets, to protest against the murder of their colleague Yegor Sviridov. Killers of Sviridov were released soon after the murder. Most of those who participated in the street action are afraid the...

Trinidad & Tobago: FIFA Insult

  8 December 2010

B.C. Pires comments on the FIFA Vice-President's explanation as to why England did not win their World Cup bid: “It would have been nice if there was a journalist amongst the crowd of sycophants…who could have asked Jack if there was any insult at all involved in having lunch with...

Russia: World Cup; Google's Mistake

RuNet Echo  8 December 2010

Siberian Light writes about FIFA's announcement that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. Profy.com notes that “Google hurries to congratulate Russia on World Cup results… and offends Russians” by putting the wrong flag on the “doodle” on the Russian domain.