· September, 2010

Stories about Sport from September, 2010

South Korea:Korea Won the U-17 Women’s World Cup

  27 September 2010

South Korea won the U-17 Women's World Cup for the first time.Korea’s online media Pressian[kr] focused on women team’s humble beginning; it started out to boost cultural exchanges with North Korea, and the player's quality was an optional matter. In 1990, it lost to Japan by 13-1 and to North...

Southeast Asia: Blogging about Football

  27 September 2010

There are many football blogs in Southeast Asia that provide relevant news stories and updates about football matches and programs in the region. Here is a list of football blogs in Southeast Asia with focus on Vietnam and Cambodia.

Japan: “Our Park” a documentary about Tokyo's Nike Miyashita Park

  26 September 2010

Directors Emil Langballe and Maria Samoto le Dous produced a documentary titled Our Park [en] about Tokyo's Miyashita Park [en], which is also called Nike Park [en] after sportswear multinational Nike bought its naming rights in 2008. The film focuses on the group of artists and activists who have been...

USA and Ghana: The most powerful black men on twitter

  19 September 2010

Abena links to a list of the “100 Most Powerful Black Men on Twitter“, but is disappointed that so many of the names come from the entertainment industry. “Are black men with the most impact on the planet likely to be rappers and sportsmen?” she asks.

Argentina: Boca Juniors, Passion for Football

  19 September 2010

One of many football (soccer) fans' dreams is to attend one of the Argentinian Boca Juniors' matches in their famous stadium, “La Bombonera“. Find out why football fans from all over the world share this dream.

Togo: The Most Hilarious Sports Joke of the Year

  16 September 2010

Togo's football federation says the “national team” that played an exhibition match against Bahrain on September 7, 2010 was fake. Togo's sports minister says that the team was made up of “unidentified players and their shadowy handlers” who belonged to a “mafia group.” FIFA is investigating the allegations. One blogger has described the story as one of the weirdest stories of the year and another one says it is “one of the most hilarious sports practical jokes of all time.”

Ghana: Football and the white coach myth

  12 September 2010

Nana's analysis of white coach myth in Ghana's football: “Ghana's biggest achievements in football have come from local coaches ONLY. Unless we want to say that a quarter-final debut is bigger than the Nations Cup trophy, we must listen to the voice of Sankofa.”

Nigeria: Corruption and Politics in Football Elections

  10 September 2010

This week a Federal Court nullified the results of a recent election held for top posts in the NFF, Nigerian football's governing body. Toyin comments on the shenanigans that undermined the NFF election:  “The best candidates found out again that Nigerian football is under vicious grip of our politicians…”

Pakistan: Blame The Machinery Itself

  3 September 2010

Three Pakistani cricket players accused of spot-fixing scandals have been suspended by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and many Pakistanis are blaming the said cricketers for bringing disrepute to Pakistan. Salman Latif opines that Pakistanis should stop blaming the products of a corrupt machinery, but blame the machinery itself.