· April, 2009

Stories about Sport from April, 2009

India: The Fake IPL Blogger

  23 April 2009

Arnab of Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind comments on the fake IPL blogger, who has created a lot more buzz in India than the original IPL (Indian Cricket Premier League) itself.

Kazakhstan: Cadres decide everything

  23 April 2009

“Cadres decide everything” – this expression of Josef Stalin is widely quoted by the Kazakhstanis when they discuss new appointments in the government, which usually doesn't feature much new faces, coming down to “reshuffling” of the old “deck”. Megakhuimyak notes [ru]: [Russia's president] Medvedev replaces governors and creates his own...

Cuba: National Football Team to Skip Gold Cup

  22 April 2009

Even though it qualified, the Cuban national football team will not participate in the Gold Cup to be held in the United States in July because of “technical and organizational” reasons according to the Association, writes Miguel Gómez of Mi Columna Deportiva [es]. However, one commenter notes that the reason...

Bolivia: Unlikely and Historic 6-1 Win Over Argentina

  5 April 2009

With head coach Diego Maradona and his squad of superstars in La Paz to face Bolivia in a World Cup qualifying football match, it was expected to be another easy victory for Argentina ranked 6th in the world. However, it was the Bolivian team that shocked the entire continent with at the unexpected 6-1 victory bringing about renewed hope and faith in the national team.

Japan: Tokyo Marathon 2009

  4 April 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2009, the largest marathon event in Japan, was held on March 22nd. It felt like everyone in Tokyo knew someone who was competing or had wanted to, and with 226,378 applicants for 30,000 spots, that might not have been too far from the truth. Tokyo Marathon's official website...

Taiwan: Ganbade, Taiwanese Baseball Players in Japan

  3 April 2009

Today is the first day of a new baseball season in Japan Professional Baseball League(Nippon Pro Yakyu), 天聲禧語(Heavenly voices and joyful words) lists all Taiwanese baseball players playing in Japan and cheers them on.