· February, 2009

Stories about Sport from February, 2009

Afghanistan: Prison, Poverty and Politics

  23 February 2009

While the Obama administration has announced that an additional 17,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan to confront the rising insurgency, Afghan bloggers keep talking about the daily challenges facing Afghans such as a women in prison, poverty and political tensions. Baktash Siawash, a Kabul-based journalist and blogger writes [en]...

Israel: Dubai Denies Shahar Visa

  23 February 2009

Dubai has denied Israeli female tennis star Shahar Peer a visa to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships, while her male colleague Andy Ram, was able to receive one. “There might have been some logic as to why Ms. Peer was not allowed to play, at least in some circles,...

Caribbean, USA: Stanford Charged with Fraud

  18 February 2009

Fresh on the heels of the latest regional financial meltdown comes another: news that U.S. billionaire Allen Stanford has been slapped with charges for investment fraud - more than 8 billion dollars' worth. The potential fallout for West Indies cricket appears to be concerning Caribbean bloggers as much as the economic ramifications.

Caribbean: WICB Woes

  17 February 2009

Caribbean bloggers continue to be humiliated by the incredible faux pas by the West Indies Cricket Board and are calling for some key figures to resign.

Bangladesh: The Six Hundred Thousand Dollar Cricketer

  7 February 2009

Back to Bangladesh comments on the Bangladeshi cricket star Mashrafee's remuneration, who recently was “sold” to an Indian outfit for $600,000 in an auction: “The amount may not be much compared to what Western sports stars make, but here it is staggering.”

Cuba: A Look at Sports Blogs

  4 February 2009

Sports form a large part of the Cuban identity and many blogs have been emerging on the island to discuss the topic. Even though there is a lack of comments and reader participation, they still serve a purpose especially to provide sporting information about the Cuban provinces. This article by Yudivián Almeida Cruz of Bloggers Cuba takes a look at some of these blogs.

Caribbean: WI Cricket Website

  2 February 2009

West Indies Cricket Blog thinks that “the official website of the West Indies Cricket Board…is now a waste of space on the world wide web. An embarrassment and a disgrace…”