· November, 2008

Stories about Sport from November, 2008

Armenia: Chess, Karabakh and Turkish Relations

  29 November 2008

West of Igdir comments on the latest developments in Armenia including a second victory for the country in the International Chess Olympiad, speculation over negotiations to resolve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh and last week's visit to Istanbul by the Foreign Minister.

Saudi Arabia: Showing true support

  23 November 2008

Nzhinga has been trying to persuade her young son that he should study and not rely on becoming a famous soccer star; after all, he might get injured and not be able to play. But her son has a solution. Jihad: “I know what I'll do! My wife will have...

Hungary, Slovakia: Tense Relationship

  22 November 2008

On Nov. 15, Slovak prime minister Robert Fico and his Hungarian counterpart, Ferenc Gyurcsány, met in the border town of Komárno, Slovakia, in an attempt to ease nationalist tensions that have escalated due to Nov. 1 football game violence in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. Eva S. Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum has been blogging a lot recently about the Slovak-Hungarian relations, and here are some of the highlights.

Iran: Cycling around the world for Peace

  19 November 2008

An Iranian couple is cycling around the world for Peace and Environmental conservation. They started their trip on 29th of April 2007 from Iran to promote peace. At present they are in South Korea. You can read all their stories in their RMC4Peace blog.

Trinidad & Tobago: Accountability

  17 November 2008

“More than three years have passed already since the Saturday morning in October 2005 when thousands of Trinidadians marched through the streets of Port of Spain to protest the Manning government's failure to deal with spiralling murder and kidnapping rates, widespread public anxiety, and the profound social inequalities behind these”:...

Japan: A girl in the Pro Baseball League

  16 November 2008

Yuko Shimonakamura at Yuko no Jinsei to Tigers [勇皇の人生とタイガース] comments with enthusiasm [jp] on the birth of a new baseball heroine, Eri Yoshida, the 16 y.o. high school student who will likely debut as a pitcher in the Kansai Independent League (関西独立リーグ) starting next spring and will play together with...

U.S., Bosnia & Herzegovina: Adi Kunalic

  14 November 2008

Americans For Bosnia writes about Adi Kunalic, “a young Bosniak who came to America as a young boy in 1992 [and] found success in one of the most veritable and thoroughly American institutions our great land has to offer–college football.”

Brazil: Romário, football star and blogger

  12 November 2008

“Couch career? Don't count on me, I would rather career as a blogger”, said Brazilian football player Romário. Cocada Boa [pt] announces that he has just launched his blog and speculates on the 10 reasons for the star to start to have done so.

Morocco: Thriving On Fear

  11 November 2008

A Moroccan About the World Around Him writes about the recent case of Yassine Belassal, the teenager who modified Morocco's motto (God, Country, King) to idolize his favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona.

India: Prince of Kolkata retires

  11 November 2008

November 9th will be remembered in many Indian hearts. The day when Ganguly, ‘the god of the offside’ bid adieu to the world of International Cricket. Sourav Ganguly was India's most successful Test Cricket captain who is credited for having nurtured the careers of many young players who played under him....

Egypt and U-20 World Cup

  6 November 2008

Egyptian Blogger Zeinobia mentions that Egypt will host the under 20 World Cup championship from the 25th of September to 16th of October 2009, following an announcement made by FIFA.

Paraguay: Violence Between Supporter Groups

  5 November 2008

A fan of the Paraguayan football club Sportivo Luqueño recently died at the hands of rival fans. Mabel Rehnfeldt of El Dedo en la Llaga [es] is placing the blame on the clubs’ management for looking the other way when dealing with supporter groups.