· November, 2007

Stories about Sport from November, 2007

China: Golf Culture in University

  23 November 2007

Xueyong criticizes the golf culture in China university (zh). The blogger notices that for other countries, students enjoy sports that stresses physical competition, such as footballs and basketball, while golf is a showing off of class status.

Russia: Zenit – Champion!

  13 November 2007

Megan Case mentions the long-awaited victory of St. Petersburg's football team in the national league championship: “After the game, the city went wild – it felt a bit like New Year on the streets.”

Nigeria: Nigerian football back in the days

  13 November 2007

Ababoy remembers Nigerian football in the 1980s: “1980 kicked off a glorious period in Nigerian football. Nigeria had just narrowly failed to qualify for the 1978 World Cup, losing 0-1 to Algeria in Lagos, courtesy of a Godwin Odiye own goal. I just about remember Ernest Okonkwo (Commentator extraordinaire) screaming...

Croatia: Football and Politics

  2 November 2007

Balkan Baby writes: “The football scene in Croatia, and for that matter all across the Balkans, has for a long time been a remaining bastion of tasteless nationalist sentiment, the border post where one can cross over from patriotism and passion to offensiveness and blind stupidity.”

Armenia: Scandinavian Invasion

  2 November 2007

Armenia and me posts an account and photographs of what is a rare sight indeed — 150 Scandinavian running through Yerevan's Victory Park as part of a World Wide Orienteering Promotion. Arriving in the country from Iran, the blog reports that local onlookers were at first shocked to see so...