· September, 2007

Stories about Sport from September, 2007

Chak De India – Go For It India

  27 September 2007

Chak De India (Go For it India) is a Bollywood film that was released last month, and what an impact the film has on the pysche of Indians. In India Chak De India has become a magic mantra of sorts and Indian business schools are thinking of including the film...

Ghana: These Africans annoy me

  25 September 2007

Olawunmi on Africans and corruption: “how we can be so unintelligent about our corruption and expect the world not not to notice, and then we turn around and act indignant when the western press label us corrupt and dishonest.”

Pakistan: Twenty20 Finals

  24 September 2007

Twenty20 couldn't have had a more spectacular final match. All Things Pakistan has an interesting comment thread on the India-Pakistan match.

Pakistan: The Twenty20 Final

  24 September 2007

A thrilling final match at the Twenty20 World Cup between India and Pakistan. Kaleidescope liveblogs the entire match in two parts – Part 1 and Part 2.

Bahrain: No Eating, No Drinking, No Smoking – And No Work?

  21 September 2007

In the Bahraini blogosphere this week we hear from a blogger who wants a job, and a blogger who wishes he didn’t have a job. There's also a student entering her final year, unemployed teachers, and an MP who thinks Muslims shouldn't have to work during Ramadan. One blogger reveals that there are fifteen ways to spell his name. And a 'football widow' tells her story!

Ecuador: Senseless Death at Football Match

  19 September 2007

An 11-year-old boy, Carlos Cedeño, died at a football match between Barcelona and Emelec was caused by a stray firework that may have been the result of feuding supporter sides. Ecuadoran bloggers Cronicacero [ES] and Un Guayaco En Nueva York [ES] both express outrage at this tragedy.

China: Blogs ground down as National Congress gears up

  16 September 2007

The best approach the government was able to come up with to address any issues anyone might want to talk about as the Seventeenth National Congress draws closer was to pull the plug on entire IDCs. Tens of thousands of blogs gone already and still a month to go.

Cricket: Bangladesh's Twenty20 win against West Indies

  14 September 2007

Those who condescendingly refer to the Bangladesh Cricket team as ‘minnows’ may already be eating their hats. As Bangladesh storms into the second round of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup tournament with an impressive six-wicket win against the West Indies, the Bangla blogosphere is exhilarated and furiously blogging their jubilation....

Bahamas: Best Little Country?

  11 September 2007

Craig Butler, blogging at Bahama Pundit, would like to think that the Bahamas is “the best little country in the world…but then the reality sets in and I have to check myself.”

East Timor: Playing Rugby

  10 September 2007

Living Timorously invites the people in East Timor to take up rugby as a sport and feels it will help the nation to network with other countries in the Pacific Ocean.