· December, 2006

Stories about Sport from December, 2006

The Balkans: Main 2006 Stories

  29 December 2006

Ed of Balkan Baby lists the most important regional stories of 2006: “Slovenia moves towards Eurozone,” “Croatia and Serbia Disappoint at World Cup,” “Croatia Stop-Start its way towards EU,” etc.

Africa: James Brown and Africa

  29 December 2006

Blake Lambert, blogging at Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable, writes about James Brown's connection to Africa, “Yet JB’s best-known visit to the continent was in 1974 when he performed at a concert as part of the famous “rumble in the jungle” in Kinshasa. Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman in one of the...

Bangladesh: Cricket in the country

  23 December 2006

the 3rd world view reviews cricket in Bangladesh over the last year. “Year 2006 was a very successful year for Bangladesh Cricket as they won 18 one-day internationals, eight in a row, out of 28 games.”

Haiti: Saving Local Soccer

  20 December 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence laments (Fr) that local soccer team The Racing Club d'Haiti is on its way to extinction for lack of sponsorship by both government and alums in the diaspora.

Trinidad & Tobago: World Cup Cricket Visa Requirements

  20 December 2006

“Aussie cricket fans are furious about new visa entry requirements to go to World Cup matches in Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados. It's the first time they have ever needed such visas, and they go at a whopping $128 a piece.” The Caribbean Beat blog wonders about the wisdom of the...

Brunei Marathon 2006

  20 December 2006

Brunei Marathon 2006: A Wet Affair From SoulJah's Flickr Photos under CC attribution license On Sunday, the 10th of December, 2006, some very excited Bruneians and non-Bruneians gathered in Bandar Seri Begawan, the sleepy capital city of Brunei Darussalam to participate in the Second Brunei Marathon. The route was expansive,...

Bermuda: Premier's Dudley Eve Cup

  19 December 2006

The Bermuda Football Association's decision to have the Government sponsor a well-loved annual tournament, has apparently gone hand in hand with renaming it in honour of the island's Premier – a purely egotistical move, according to Christian S. Dunleavy at Politics.bm.

The World Championship of Brazilian 2.0 Football

  19 December 2006

Brazilians still have fresh memories of the defeat of the national team in the last World Cup in Germany, when the group of international shining stars was unable to show the needed will to win on the field. As a result, Porto Alegre's Internacional triumph in the Club World Cup...

Barbados, Guyana: Stadia Behind Schedule?

  14 December 2006

Despite Guyana Providence Stadium‘s Christmas Wish, it seems like Guyana is not the only Caribbean territory behind schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup: Barbados Free Press quotes their Local Organizing Committee's Chief Executive Stephen Alleyne, who says that “Kensington is still a construction site.”

Serbia: Belgrade Blog Roundup

  14 December 2006

From portraits of the city soul that abound in details of daily life to corruption allegations and the latest riots that occurred at a basketball game, find out more about this Balkan metropolis. Belgrade, Nov. 2005 – by seriocomico Dule Nedeljkovic writes about an ordinary morning in Serbia's capital (SRP):...

Trinidad & Tobago: Manicou's Shorts

  14 December 2006

Manicou weighs in on Trinidad and Tobago's justice system and the rumoured return of Basdeo Panday as political leader of the opposition UNC party, among other things.

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  14 December 2006

Dailymotion blogged video In spite of the worsening political crisis plaguing the country, life often rumbles along as usual in Bolivia. For many, Sunday afternoons are spent in stadiums, where they join thousands of fellow hinchas to cheer on their local professional fútbol team. On Sunday, December 3, the club...

Caribbean: Cricket World Cup

  13 December 2006

Ninad Gujar is looking forward to the “47 days of World Class Cricket” that the 2007 Cricket World Cup (being held in the Caribbean) will provide. He outlines the format of the tournament and posts photos and statistics of previous winners.

Guyana: Will the Stadium be ready for Cricket World Cup?

  13 December 2006

“The Guyana Providence Stadium outfield is dead as a door nail,” reports Robin Banks, as preparations for the ICC 2007 Cricket World Cup “are coming down to the wire”. Posted with a photo gallery of the stadium site and cricket pitch.

India: Cricket for all seasons in Mumbai

  8 December 2006

Metroblogging Mumbai on cricket in the city. “Cricketers from Bombay, bring the die hard, play in all conditions, no nonsense spirit that is the embodiment of Bombay. An example of how seriously we take our cricket is the fact that we have a special tournament, the Kanga League played only...

India: Marathon in Pune

  8 December 2006

Some wonderful photographs by the shad king of a marathon in Pune. “There were an estimated 35,000 participants in this year’s marathon. Of course, the term “marathon” is used very loosely to cover the 4.5k AIDS charity run, the 10k event, 3k for the little kids etc etc.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Jack Warner cleared

  8 December 2006

Manicou is incredulous over FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner's slap on the wrist regarding the alleged resale of 5,400 World Cup 2006 tickets, saying it “not only highlights FIFA‘s condemnations as being capricious, but shows that there are loopholes through which tickets could scalped.”

Barbados: Too much being spent on Cricket World Cup?

  7 December 2006

“The Government of Barbados has announced another US$13 Million in your tax money and mine going to those few weeks of cricket that are called Cricket World Cup 2007″: Barbados Free Press suggests that the spending is “out of control”.