· October, 2006

Stories about Sport from October, 2006

Kenya: a photo with Michael Johnson

  31 October 2006

“A random guy walks over, sits next to me, insists that I’m a hero and asks if I would honour him by taking a photo with him. Despite my tiredness and hunger I agree to the photo, mainly because this guy looked pretty desperate.” Who is this guy?

Pakistan: Beards, Islam and Cricket

  28 October 2006

A very interesting post and discussion at Pakistaniat discussing facial hair and cricket. “Given all the discussion about cricket and Islam (here), sooner or later we will come to beards and cricket and whether beards of a certain length or style are ‘religiously intimidating’ for some (related story here).”

Chilean Cycling Bloggers

  26 October 2006

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is one of the most polluted cities in the World (of which we are not proud). In this scenario a group of bike lovers, have developed a way to promote cycling in the city. “Arriba de la Chanca” (ES) (the translation is “over the pig.” in...

Honduras: Maradona's Visit

  25 October 2006

Boby's Blog is excited by the fact that football star Diego Maradona is visiting Honduras [ES], but embarrassed by the behavior of the press: “Does anyone here in Honduras know how to organize a press conference? All of the journalists were asking questions at the same time … and the...

Africa: using soccer to fight AIDS

  25 October 2006

All African Bazaar writes about a non-profit organization, which uses soccer to fight AIDS in Africa, “Founded by Tommy Clark,MD, Grassroot Soccer became a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in 2002. Dr. Clark conceived of the idea after having played soccer professionally in Zimbabwe. During that time he witnessed first hand...

China: city without dogs

  24 October 2006

In preparation for the Olympics, Beijing city government is now catching street dogs without proper license. Han song wrote a short piece fiction on “city without dogs” (zh).

Dominica: The dubious benefits of CWC 2007

  23 October 2006

Kenny Green of Dominica isn't put off by reports that the Cricket World Cup, which is set to take place next year in the Caribbean, may be moved instead to South Africa: “Hosting any WC is like having a house party for someone else at your home, who pays you...

Argentina: History of Opera and Football

  20 October 2006

Some history today from Buenos Aires. The upcoming renovation of the downtown opera house, Teatro Colón has inspired Jeff Barry to to begin a series on the history of opera in Buenos Aires. eBlog, meanwhile, points out that today is the 30th anniversary since the debut of Diego Maradona [ES]...

Slovenia: Mistaken for Sweden

  18 October 2006

NHL player Anze Kopitar is Slovenian, not Swedish, writes The Glory of Carniola, correcting the media's unfortunate mistake: “Another opportunity for Slovenia to get some press, down the drain.”

China: translation for Olympic

  16 October 2006

In order to prepare for the Olympic, the Beijing city has to double check its English signposts and other instructions. Sohoxiaobao has posted some translation jokes(zh): “folk culture village” is translated into “racist park”; a fired chicken dish is translated into “government abuse chicken”; and the word “dry” in Chinese...

Pakistan: Cricket and the Dope Test

  16 October 2006

The Teeth Maestro on some players of Pakistan's Cricket team failing the dope test. “n an embarrassing development of events in the ICC Champions Trophy in India, it has just been revealed that Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif both have failed an internal Pakistan Cricket Board performance enhancing drug test...

Reunion: Diagonale des Fous

  15 October 2006

LSZ Blog describes (Fr) La Diagonale des Fous, [Diagonal of the Crazies] an annual hike across the local volcano. He explains that every year “they assemble in a small town in the southeast of the island, with the obsessive idea of reaching the other side of the island as fast...

China: expelling the mentally ill for Olympic

  11 October 2006

After the plan of expelling rural migrant workers, Beijing government is preparing to expel “mentally ill” people out of the city before the Olympic. The angry Chinese blogger reminds us that “Beijing has a known history of using ‘mental illness’ as a political tool to silence protesters…”

Surf in Chile

  7 October 2006

In Chile summer is coming and the surfers don’t mind. They just surf all year long up and down Chile's 2,880 miles of coastline. A community of passionate surfers share videos, experiences and their lifestyle. Chilesurf (ES), is not only a blog of Chilean news, waves, beaches and championships, but...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Marathon walkers

  3 October 2006

Abeni reports that the “marathon walkers” from St. Vincent who were rejected by the Guiness Book of Records after walking for six days without sleep, have succeeded in topping their own feat by walking for seven days without sleep in Kingston, Jamaica.