· August, 2006

Stories about Sport from August, 2006

Bangladesh: Cricket and South Asia

  22 August 2006

Cricket runs into stormy weather. Rezwan on when a Pakistani player is accused of ball-tampering, but there are others who claim that South Asian teams are treated differently.

Racism in Mexican Football

  22 August 2006

Viewers of this year's World Cup couldn't help but notice the all out anti-racism offensive pushed by FIFA. Given the humiliations long-endured by players of color throughout Europe, the extensive campaign was seen by many as overdue. Yet despite the newfound awareness, “unfortunately,” writes Raúl Ramirez (ES) of Isopixel, “racism...

Pana-Blogs Report

  9 August 2006

#1: Tatiana Salazar visits Chicá, Parque Nacional de Campana (ES): Chicá is close to the Parque Nacional de Campana, a national ecological reserve with excellent weather, great roads, and a marvelous landscape. ANAM (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente) has cabins for rent and the area is excellent for camping. Anyone interested?...

Iran: Football & Governance

Dr. Emad Afrough, deputy in Parliament says our country's governance is like our national football (soccer) team's management [Fa]. In both cases too many emotions are involved and rational criticism has no place.

Bolivia: “Happy Birthday Bolivia!”

  7 August 2006

Jim Shultz notes the myriad ways in which Bolivia is celebrating its 181st year of independence. Miguel Buitrago has a thorough summary of stories on the inauguration of the 255 member Constituent Assembly in the official capital city of Sucre. And Eduardo Avila publishes some entertaining pictures of President Evo...