· May, 2006

Stories about Sport from May, 2006

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  31 May 2006

Bolivians have long resigned themselves to the fact that their football national team will also be home watching the upcoming World Cup on television. For the third straight tourney, Bolivia has failed to qualify for the world’s most important sporting event and have left this tiny nation saying, “maybe in...

Togo: World Cup threats

  31 May 2006

Just Thots by a Naijaman comments on the progress or non progress of Togo in the coming World Cup…“Togolese national team players have threatened not to lace their boots for their country unless they are paid the fantastic sum of $200,000 each as appearance fee, $40,000 per win and $20,000...

African football: No world cup winners

  29 May 2006

African Shirts points to an editorial piece in the New Statesman (to which he contributed) on African Football ….“African countries won't win this World Cup, or the next one, writes David Runciman. The reason? For all the money splashing around, nothing is changing at the grass roots///”

Echoes from the Tunisian blogosphere

The Tunisian blogosphere has been buzzing as usual with a bunch of different topics, ranging from the serious to the light, and the following is a snapshot of some of the interesting topics discussed these past 2 weeks. We start off with Zizou who writes about how he thinks an...

West Indies: Cricket victory over India

  26 May 2006

Today Trinidad and Tobago hosted the fourth match in the current West Indies vs India One Day International cricket series. Francomenz didn't make it to the Queen's Park Oval in Port of Spain to watch the match, but she followed it on the radio. “Too exciting!!!” she wrote when West...

Caribbean: WI cricket resurrection?

  25 May 2006

He's afraid of blighting them with his positive words, but Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat Blog has been more than pleased to see the West Indies cricket team show some of their old mettle in their recent encounters with India: “. . . in the last week some real...

Hong Kong: World Cup fever

  25 May 2006

Can't avoid it, football fever has hit Hong Kong blogs. In case you have missed it, though, Simon at Simon World just might infect you with his post ‘In Case World Cup Fever Is Transmissible.’

Trinidad & Tobago: Germany 2006's media darlings

  25 May 2006

They've appeared in Esquire magazine, several television and print ads and one of them's writing a column for the UK Guardian — the media cannot seem to get enough of the Soca Warriors, Trinidad & Tobago's football team. Stacy-Marie Ishmael at the Trinidad & Tobago World Cup Blog rounds up...

Africa: World Cup 2006

  25 May 2006

MentalAcrobatics comments on the African players and teams that will be participating in this year's World Cup next month…..”My predictions are optimistic. I have two African teams going through to the second round. Most people predict a complete blow out with not a single African team making the knock out...

Barbados: 20,000 cruise ship passengers?

  24 May 2006

Cruise ships will land whopping 20,000 passengers in Barbados on the day of the Cricket World Cup final in April 2007. “While this will obviously provide taxi drivers, shops, island vendors and restaurants with an considerable increase in business,” writes Linda Thompkins, “one also has to wonder if 20,000+ cruise...

West Indies: Cricketer Ramnaresh Sarwan comes of age

  23 May 2006

Today the West Indies cricket team won its third One Day International match in the current series against India, in which Guyanese batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan scored 115 runs not out. “He’s coming of age before our eyes,” says the West Indies Cricket Blog. Ri at Revolution Island reminds us that...

Chilean Bloggers Update

  23 May 2006

Normally, Chilean bloggers have common concerns in their blogs, but this week coordination just didn’t happen. So, this is a cocktail of news. Leo Prieto (ES) , posts about his interview with the Sub-Secretary of Government Telecommunications to promote broadband internet access in Chile. The initiative carried the support of...

Latin America: World Cup Weblogs

  23 May 2006

José Luis Orihuel has posted a compilation of all the Spanish-language weblogs devoted exclusively to this year's World Cup. “El Expatriado” says that Argentina is getting ready and Franco Giménez notes that the Argentinean company Neyra Hermanos has launched a World Cup blog.

Cote d'Ivoire: Preparing for the World Cup

  23 May 2006

An article posted by Rewmi Abidjan says (Fr) Cote d'Ivoire is preparing for the Soccer World Cup. The team will be recouping from the African Cup during its first week of training, says its trainer Henri Michel. The team will then prepare for a friendly match against Switzerland to take...

Montserrat volcano watch and West Indies cricket

  22 May 2006

A woman looks at the rear window of her car, broken by a flying rock from the nearby Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, on Saturday. Photo from the Trinidad Express website Nearly eleven years ago, Montserrat’s long-dormant Soufriere Hills Volcano began erupting for the first time in the island's recorded history....

China: 2008 Olympics watch

  22 May 2006

Today begins, proclaims blogger Lyn Jeffrey, Virtual China‘s official coverage leading up to the 2008 Beijing summer olympics. “Yes, we're a bit late to the game,” says Jeffrey, “but our focus will, of course, be how 2008 plays out in virtual China, both in Chinese and in English. A few...

Image from Ukraine: “Waterbottle Football”

By Dan McMinn of Orange Ukraine These resourceful football fans in Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains are using a 2-liter bottle as a ball. Dan's report on his trip to the Carpathians is here, more photos are here. Dan's other Ukrainian travel reports – including the one from Chernobyl – are here.