· November, 2008

Stories about Science from November, 2008

Environment: SA Bloggers sound off on GMO foods.

  24 November 2008

Genetically Modified foods have been a concern for many environment bloggers in South Africa and other parts of Africa too. On this post we check in a handful of bloggers who've recently written about genetically modified (GMO) foods and seed. Picture by Vagawi on flickr UrbanSprout points to a report...

Environment: Obama's Climate Challenge

  21 November 2008

On ChinaDialogue, Bill McKibben writes about President-elect Obama’s big climate challenge: “As he assumes the US presidency, Barack Obama must make climate-change legislation and investment in green energy his top priorities. He must be ready to take bold — and politically unpopular — action”

India: Landing on the Moon

  14 November 2008

The Moon Impact Probe (MIP) of the Indian space mission Chandrayaan-1 crash Landed successfully on the Moon today. My Thought Waves reacts: “Chandrayaan has made each one of us proud. We now join one of the very few countries in the world to have demonstrated the capability to carry out...

Japan: Mobile Suit Gundam

  11 November 2008

On the occasion of the foundation of the International Gundam Society (国際ガンダム学会) during the Hiroshima Anime Biennale in August, Kange debates the aims of the research group which will study the future of mankind through the animated series Mobile Suit Gundam(機動戦士ガンダム). The blogger explains how the researchers at IGS, captained...

Obama's Victory: A Boost for Global Health?

  8 November 2008

As U.S. President-elect Barack Obama prepares for his four years in the White House, many are discussing how his term will impact health issues, globally and in the U.S., and if he will deliver on his campaign promises. As part of their campaign, Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden said...

Green Obama Dreams: Environment Bloggers Weigh in on The Historic Day

  6 November 2008

Tim Hurst of Ecopoliticology blog posts an entertaining video titled ‘5 Green Obama Dreams’. The video mentions his posts on high resolution energy resource maps and the solar powered lawnmower. On the DotEarth blog,Andrew Revkin muses on the significance of Obama's election, writing… President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20 will...

Guyana: Thoughts on Death

  6 November 2008

“I do not obsess too much…with what lies after death; my concern is with the quality of life one leads here”: From Guyana, Ruel Johnson writes “a brief note” on death.

Venezuela: The Launch of the Simón Bolívar Satellite

  1 November 2008

After three years in the making, the government of Venezuela placed the Simón Bolivar satellite into orbit, which will be used for telecommunications projects for the country and for Latin America. The launch of the satellite, named for the national liberator, was watched by Venezuelan bloggers, who approve of the event because of its ability to take communication services to more people, but also recognize that there are still other unmet needs in the country.