· May, 2008

Stories about Science from May, 2008

Israel: Going Green with Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore added his name to the list of political luminaries visiting Israel in recent months. Gore joined the Board of Governors celebrations at Tel Aviv University this week to accept the $1 million Dan David Prize for environmental activism.

Kenya: National Forensic Science Association

  20 May 2008

Kenya-Byte attended the inauguration ceremony of National Forensic Science Association of Kenya: “A most commendable effort by two dynamic ladies is bearing fruit. Lynne T. Farrah and Sophie Mukwana (both Directors of Biotech Forensics Ltd) came up with the idea of establishing a national forensic science association. We had a...

China: Seismologist Claims Sichuan Earthquake Was Predicted

  15 May 2008

Li Shihui, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, exposed in his blog that the Sichuan earthquake was predicted at an earlier time. In spite of the various rumors of earthquake omens, Li's specialty and systematic statement have helped him gain many people's confidence, even after his controversial articles are deleted by the network administrator.

China: Earthquake Prediction

  14 May 2008

Many people wondered why there was no earthquake prediction for the Sichuan earthquake. Liu Xiao yuan criticized the local government for ignoring various earthquake sign reported by local residents [zh]. Li Shi hui wrote in his blog that an accurate prediction by experts to China Earthquake Administration had been ignored...