· October, 2007

Stories about Science from October, 2007

Russia: Bloggers Discuss James Watson

  23 October 2007

James Watson, an American Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, provoked international outrage when The Sunday Times quoted him on race issues on Oct. 14. The news of the controversy produced a certain stir in the Russian-language blogosphere, too.

Belize: Fish In Trees

  23 October 2007

Caribbean Beat Blog reports that “scientists have found one of the oddest fish known to mankind in abundance in Belize.”

Malaysia: AstroNot

  23 October 2007

KurtLow is wondering why Malaysian media is calling the first Malaysian in space an astronaut when the space mission web site just refers to him as an participant.

Nigeria: Home-made helicopter in Kano

  22 October 2007

Afrigadget on the Nigeria's home-made helicopter: “Yahoo! News carries a story from October 21st about Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi of the Kano Plains of Nigeria who has built a working helicopter over the last 8 months using scrap aluminum and parts from a Honda Civic, an old Toyota and from the...

Jamaica: Uncertain paternity

  12 October 2007

Jamaica and the World reacts to surprising news about paternity tests in Jamaica: a third of the men who take them discover they are not really the fathers of their supposed children.