· November, 2006

Stories about Science from November, 2006

Malawi: Malawian windmill

  28 November 2006

Hactivate has a moving story about a windmill in Malawi, “The windmill stands on a tripod of wooden polls about five metres above the ground. It consists of locally-available materials and as far as he can remember his investments were K500 for two bearings, K500 for a bicycle dynamo, K400...

Barbados: Biodegrdable plastic?

  23 November 2006

Considering the volume of plastic trash on Barbados’ beaches and elsewhere, Barbados Free Press wonders whether it's time Barbados mandated the use of biodegradable plastics.

Mexico: Electronics for a Good Cause

  20 November 2006

Beth Kanter interviews Maria Estela Godinez, a high school student from San Francisco del Rincón, México who “built a glove that allows speech-challenged people to move their fingers in a similar fashion to Braille language and have those signals recognized by software that converts them into speech.” The interview was...

South Asia: Politics, Happiness, Religion and The Birds

  20 November 2006

The latest from different blogs about the following South Asian Countries: Bangladesh: Bangladesh is facing a political crisis. Unheard Voices: Drishtipat group blog informs about a citizens movement in Bangladesh in which people are urged to wear a black badge demanding a free and fair election and to bring an...

Japan: paper plane

  16 November 2006

JP on Japundit blogs a recent world record set up by elementary school students in Hiroshima: creating the world’s largest paper airplane and flying it.

Argentina: Darwin in South America

  2 November 2006

“Interested in South America and have a scientific bent? Then lose yourself for weeks among the complete work of Charles Darwin, now available online. It’s quite an astonishing collection pulled together by the University of Cambridge,” writes Jeff Barry. Some follow up research leads Barry to a bookstore in Rome...

Ethiopia: turning mortar shells into coffee machines

  2 November 2006

Turning mortar shells into coffee machines in Ethiopia: Azmeraw Zeleke is turning burnt-out shells into cylinders used in coffee machines…He uses old mortar shells, which stand about one metre high, to make his coffee machines.He cuts off the pointed ends, seals them and puts holes into the aluminium cylinder. The...