· October, 2006

Stories about Science from October, 2006

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Exploring the Pyramid

  26 October 2006

“Bosnian Pyramid? – Visocica Hill” – by sjareb It's been over a year since the whole Bosnian pyramid media fuss started. Still, many talk about the possible discovery of Europe’s first step pyramid complex. The event is significant for Bosnia & Herzegovina's recovery, as it brings positive media attention and...

Africa: mud-brick building should be standardized

  26 October 2006

African Architecture believes that there is a need to standardize the mud-brick building in Africa, “The abundance of this material “Clay” makes it very popular and affordable for low income people living in hot dry climates of Africa to use as versatile building material, Hence there is a need to...

Africa: open source African architecture

  23 October 2006

Timbuktu Chronicles writes about Osafa, open source African architecture, “Osafa will be a Wikipedia-like platform where the ‘source code’ of construction projects, i.e. floor plans, building descriptions, drafts/photos and commercials calculations are being shared under an open licence, ready to be reused or adapted, without licence fees. We want to...

Kazakhstan: R&D

  18 October 2006

Ben takes a look at Kazakhstan's pledge to boost research and development spending to 5% of GDP by 2012 and says that for the spending to have its promised impact, it will have to be accompanied by structural reforms.

Malaysia: Space White Elephant

  4 October 2006

The blogger at Sensintrovert analyses a news report on Malaysian Prime Minister talking about Malaysia's space efforts. The blogger feels that there is too much hype in the media. “I am amazed of the media-hype when some ministers clicked on a mouse or had video conferencing. I guess that is...

Zimbabwe: cultural innovation

  4 October 2006

Proud Dzambukira sees cultural innovation in the midst of political and economic turmoil in Zimbabwe: “Some might find it easy to condemn the recent move in Zimbabwe to pull “witch doctors” closer into the mainstream by allowing them to grant sick notes to ailing workers. The move follows legislation passed...