· June, 2006

Stories about Science from June, 2006

Cameroon: Lagging in Science

  20 June 2006

Scribbles from the den comments that Cameroon is one of the world's World’s Scientifically Lagging Countries – Alongside Chad and Fiji…..”Caught up with daily survival, people in these societies do not necessarily see the value in building [Science & Technology] capacity because the payoffs are not generally immediate.”

Hong Kong: Stephen Hawking visit

  18 June 2006

Last week Stephen Hawking visited Hong Kong, there were much discussion among local bloggers. Diumanpark criticizes Hong Kong Government did not arrange proper reception to Hawking, while if Bill Gates came, the Chief Excecutive would have rushed to the airport (zh). Miss Lee in Summer comments that the local news...

Reunion: Chikungunya Epidemic Confirmed

  16 June 2006

LSZ Blog, a health-related blog covering Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, writes (Fr): “It seems that Chikungunya fever has reached a quasi-pandemic dimension with more than a million people infected during the past 24 months in a large geographic area encompassing the East-African equatorial coasts, the Indian Ocean islands...