· April, 2006

Stories about Science from April, 2006

Moldova: High School Physics Class

  19 April 2006

Peter Myers of Adventures in Moldova writes about his experience of visiting an “under-attended” high school physics class in Moldova: “Grigore Fyodorovici lamented to me after school about the fact that no boys came, because ‘they're the ones who really need physics.’ Girls don't need physics, he reasoned, because most...

Brazil: Pontes Touches Down

  10 April 2006

Brazilian bloggers’ reactions to the space flight of Marcos Pontes, the first Brazilian astronaut, run the gamut along a scale from enthusiasm to cynicism. At the “unqualified joy” end of the scale an amateur radio operator in the northerneastern state of Piauí was positively effervescent over a Piauense's ham radio...

Man-made eggs

  5 April 2006

At Talkin’ Tech, BernieJ has photos of unique eggs from China. They almost look like chicken eggs but they are a hundred per cent man-made.

CSI help criminals escape?

  5 April 2006

The Sensintrovert has screenshots of media reports that say the Police Deputy Inspector-General surmises that the success in Malaysia of the TV series CSI might be making criminals smarter by teaching them how to remove traces of their crimes.