· September, 2007

Stories about Religion from September, 2007

Iraq: Is Islam the Solution?

  6 September 2007

Iraq the Model asks : Is Islam the solution for ending the violence in Iraq? His answer is: “(R)eality proved that political Islam is in fact the problem, not the solution. And this is true not only in Iraq but in many other countries in the region that are full...

Grenada: Faith or Fiction?

  6 September 2007

“People shy away from the secularization of their fiction. Fantasy is by its very nature SPIRITUAL”: Tobias Buckell refers to essays by Guy Stewart to stimulate discussion about science fiction and Christianity.

Korea: After the Release – Abductees in Afghanistan

  5 September 2007

Finally, the 21 Korean abductees returned to Korea. While people are pleased to see them in good condition, there are numerous criticisms about them. It seems that their attitudes and the church’s reaction after their release have brought out more arguments. In addition, how to deal with the amount of...

Arabeyes: Countdown to Ramadhan

  5 September 2007

Ramadhan is a holy month in the Muslim calendar and it is celebrated in all Muslim countries, culminating with a feast or Eid after four weeks of fasting. Muslims are expected to stop eating and drinking, as well as refrain from sex and any 'impure' thoughts, from sunrise to sunset during this month. How are bloggers preparing for this month? Amira Al Hussaini tours Arab blogs to find out.

Gambia: Islamic revival among Diaspora Gambians

  4 September 2007

Ginny's reaction to an article about Islamic revival among Diaspora Gambians: “And the insinuation was somehow made that Gambians were not religious before, and now, all of a sudden, they are starting to be. And of course, the words “terrorism” and “jihaidst” were thrown in for good measure.”

Syria: History, Culture and Identity

  2 September 2007

In our roundup this week, we will overlook politics again to talk more about the people. Abu Fares in this sensational post, laments the simplicity of the old Levantine-Mediterranean lifestyle. One that has been trenched and swept off with a new wave of “neo-cons” as he describes them, whether the...