· December, 2010

Stories about Religion from December, 2010

Mexico: The Pilgrimage to Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

  14 December 2010

“Political parties, narcos, economic policies are transitory events, blips in time that aren’t meaningful in the long run.  What matters is what endures, and in Mexico, what endures is the pilgrimage to Guadalupe,” concludes Rich from The Mex Files in a post about the pilgrimage to the shrine of Our...

Haiti: After Elections

  14 December 2010

“The situation here is like a volcano that has been building pressure for a very long time. The massive earthquake, the million homeless people and 300,000 dead, Hurricane Tomas, the Cholera epidemic…a biased election…all contribute to the people's frustration”: Pwoje Espwa provides updates on Haiti, along with photos, here, here...

Cuba: What About The 11?

  14 December 2010

“The European Union has backed off the full-fledged restoration of relations with Havana sought by the government of Spain, unconvinced that the Castro dictatorship has earned a change in treatment”: Uncommon Sense reasons that since the Cuban government “is unlikely to get…what it was seeking, why would it go ahead...

Barbados: Recession Christmas

  13 December 2010

Cheese-on-bread! acknowledges that this Christmas “feels a bit different because, well, let's face it, we're in a recession”, and offers a few ways to “enjoy the holidays and not break the bank.”

Haiti: Unrest Takes Hold

  9 December 2010

As the debacle over election results continues, Haitian bloggers discuss the mounting unrest in the country, which further complicates efforts to deal with the cholera epidemic.

India: No Muharram In Kashmir

  8 December 2010

Zafar Mehdi informs at Kafila that “The peaceful processions on 8 and 10 Muharram have been banned in Kashmir since the outbreak of insurgency in 1989.”

Zambia: Christmas Art and Design Show a Success

  8 December 2010

Christmas Art and Design Show took place in Lusaka, Zambia last Sunday: “Never had Lusaka seen anything quite like it! Sunday December 5 dawned grey and cloudy in Lusaka. Undeterred the exhibitors at the Christmas Art and Design Show began putting the finishing touches to their stands.”

Cuba: 11 Prisoners

  7 December 2010

Uncommon Sense laments the fact that a month after the agreed deadline to release “52 Cuban political prisoners in jail since the ‘black spring’ of 2003…11 of the prisoners remain in jail, apparently because of their refusal to accept forced exile overseas as a condition of their release.”

D.R. of Congo: News you might have missed

  6 December 2010

Last week news from the Democratic Republic of Congo that you might have missed :”The newly ordained cardinal of Kinshasa, Laurent Monsegwo, arrived in Kinshasa from Rome on Wednesday to huge acclaim. Monsengwo is usually considered to be opposed to Kabila, but rarely takes public stands”

Africa: Condoms Finally Authorized Conditionally by The Pope

  6 December 2010

The news spread around the world in a matter of minutes. In a book released on November 23, Pope Benedict XVI declared that "in certain cases, when the intention is to reduce the risk of contamination, [the condom] can even be a first step toward opening the way to a more humane sexuality, lived differently." African bloggers respond to this announcement.

Africa: Trials and tribulations of Rastafarians in Africa

  4 December 2010

Trials and tribulations of Rastafarians in Africa: “Well ironically the acceptance of black, mostly black Carribbean and diasporean rastafarians by continental Africans has been equally fraught with similar tensions. This is somewhat strange given that Rastafarianism originated from Africa.”

Zimbabwe: Once upon a Christmas

  3 December 2010

Once upon a Christmas in Zimbabwe: “Drinks at this time of the year could be quite unique – Bols Brandy mixed with coke and milk (was this our version of Amarula before Amarula)? For those on an economy budget – sorghum beer mixed with fresh cream. The outcome of these...