· August, 2010

Stories about Religion from August, 2010

Azerbaijan: Ramadan

  15 August 2010

From the Land of Fire, a blog by a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer working in Azerbaijan, details Ramadan in the form of a daily diary. In the first post, the blogger says that although she is not Moslem, she wanted to attempt to fast and also hope other PCVs will...

South Korea: A Pastor Facing Arrest for Visiting North Illegally

  14 August 2010

A left-inclining South Korean pastor who made an unauthorized trip to North Korea will be arrested for violating the National Security Law as soon as he returns to South, South Korea’s Joongang reported. Pastor Han is scheduled to return tomorrow from his 10 day visit to North.

Tunisia: When the Singer Chants “Long Live Netanyahu”

The circulation of a video showing Tunisian singer Mohsen Sherif yelling “Long live Bibi Netanyahu!” and inviting Jews to come in droves to Djerba Island for El Ghariba pilgrimage, has triggered a wave of anger and disappointment among Tunisians. In geek speak, the video circulated on Facebook has now created a buzz.

Egypt: Obssessed with Celebrities’ Religion

In Egypt, some people decide to like or hate celebrities based on their religion. Lebanese actress Nour, Egyptian actress Basma, radio host Osama Mounir, and many others have all been subjected to this scrutiny. Why are people so obsessed with the beliefs of celebrities?

El Salvador: The Beatification Cause of Archbishop Romero

  6 August 2010

From El Salvador, the bilingual blog Super Martyrio [en/es] has been maintained by Polycarpio and provides “the inside track on the beatification cause of Archbishop Romero,” who was assassinated in 1980. Many of his followers are calling on the Roman Catholic Church to make him a saint.

Pakistan: Stereotyping Hindus

  6 August 2010

The blogger at The life and times of two Indians in Pakistan blog writes about some incidents of stereotyping of Pakistani Hindus as either Indian or Kaafir (infidel) and she was overwhelmed when some Pakistanis protested this treatment.

Jamaica: New Politics?

  6 August 2010

Girl With a Purpose reports on the formation of a new political party: “…its name?: New Nation Coalition. It's based on Christian principles and promotes justice, peace and prosperity amongst Jamaicans.”

Bangladesh: The Future Of Religion Based Politics

  4 August 2010

An Ordinary Citizen discusses the future of religion based politics in Bangladesh in light of the Supreme Court verdict on the fifth amendment of the constitution, which reverted the country back to the 1972 secular constitution.